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Nidhi Puranik- Fitness Ambassador, Motivational Speaker, Mrs. India 2017 Finalist

Nidhi Puranik Talks About 360 Degrees Wellness & Bringing Awareness About Health & Fitness Among The Youths


Nidhi Puranik is a Fitness ambassador, Corporate Trainer, and Mrs. India 2017 Finalist. Certified as advance Level Trainer by IL&FS and for Behavioral Competency Trainer by TWARAN, her vision is to create awareness amongst individuals, about one’s own health, in a very easy, doable way.  She believes in 360 degree fitness, that is, mind, body, and soul.  Being a Mrs. India 2017 finale contestant, she conducts grooming sessions for individuals and corporate. She is an active member of Pinkathon Mumbai and has run many marathons. She is a proud mother of a 6-year-old daughter.


Fitness, BananiVista

Nidhi Puranik

Dreams are the ultimate driving force that makes us push our limits. Dreams change with time too and whatever your dream is, it should be big, because they definitely come true, if you work in the right direction. With this belief, she pursues her goal: to take our respected PM, Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision of Hum Fit Toh India Fit, to the next level.


For her, career is an occupation that gives stability and helps one to achieve certain goals but not always their dreams. “If you are having a dream career, then you are in the right place at the right time,’’ Nidhi quoted.


The common factor between your career and following your dream is consistent hard work.


Being in the training industry for 10+ years, she has trained more than 15,000 individuals, across industries pan India in areas like Soft Skills, Sales, Fitness, Stress Management, and Personality development. Her unique and creative ways to motivate her clients an easy and effective fitness regime make them coming back to her.


As a part of her social outreach initiative, she is associated with NGO’s like Angel foundation, VDIS & Sparsh foundation. She has walked the Ramp for NGO Parihar, supporting the cause “Women Empowerment” as well as for Giant Group, supporting the cause “HumFitTohIndiaFit”. Most recently, she received the “Women of Substance Award 2018”, at the Stree Astitva Awards, which she anchored.


Fitness, BananiVista

Nidhi is also a soft skills trainer


BV: What motivated you to get into this field?


Nidhi: Well, I was always very health conscientious as Sushmita Sen was my role-model I aspired to be like her. But post-delivery I had put on a lot of weight and was unable to get rid of it. I was not trying enough, honestly. I had started taking my health for granted. But the real motivation was when I started preparing for the pageant. I really enjoyed the mind and body transformation in me. The whole journey from XL to XS was very exciting. That’s why I want to give a strong message to everybody that the best investment is an investment for oneself.



BV: How did Mrs. India contest happen?


Nidhi: It was a pure coincidence. I was watching Gladrags Mrs. India one day, and wondered if I could apply. So, I searched online and got to know about Mrs. India Queen of substance. Co-incidentally the auditions were going on. I gradually cleared all the rounds and reached the finale, where I was awarded “Best Gown” title.



BV: How has the journey been so far?


Nidhi: The journey has been a roller coaster ride. It looks all glittery from outside but you have to struggle a lot to make a mark. You are torn apart between career and family especially if you have a small child. And not everybody understands this industry. I had my set of challenges, however, I am glad that I did not quit and kept my dreams alive.


Fitness, BananiVista

Nidhi wants to make the younger generation aware of health and fitness


BV: What are your future plans?


Nidhi: I am pretty ambitious. I want to reach out to many schools, colleges, and corporates, to bring awareness about 360degrees wellness. With a rising number of lifestyle diseases and suicide cases especially among teenagers, we need to come together and build a healthier nation.



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