Father's Day

Celebrating Pure Love This Father’s Day!

Caring, Brave, superhero are few of the traits of a human figure called Father. I always wondered, do we really need specific days to celebrate relationships? I mean we can anytime celebrate a day to make someone feel special or honoring them. But yes, maybe dedicating a day to celebrate someone’s love doesn’t sound like a bad idea too. So such a day is around the corner, yes, Father’s Day, a day to celebrate the most amazing Dads.


A treasured relationship

A treasured relationship


The most common dad’s we can find around us are:


  • Always concerned about your percentage (For him, the more you score, the better he gets)
  • One who makes you believe in your dreams (This one would never stop you from chasing your dreams)
  • The best friend sorts (You can confide into this one, anytime and every time)
  • The Keep distance type (You would need to do a lot to get just a hug from him)
  • The history lover (This one would tell you a lot about what he or his parents experienced)
  • The Never say No kind ( He would always be available by your side even if you have passed out in a secret plan you made with your friends)
    Through Thick and Thin

    Through Thick and Thin


Never mind the type your father is from the above mentioned; he would always love you enormously and would just want you to get the best in your life. That is exactly what we also want for our fathers, the finest.


Father's Day:Look at the love

Father’s Day: Look at the love


So, this father’s day, I’d like to share a thought with you. You might want to buy him something, try and think out of the box this time, you won’t regret it. Rather than just buying him a gift, you can think of giving him an experience. Make him feel as special as he really is. There are a few things you can try doing:


  • Take him to his favorite bookstore or library
  • Take him out for a meal to his favorite restaurant
  • Bake or make something he relishes (Don’t bother about the taste, he would anyway love it)
  • Take him out to a gaming parlor or may be a snooker game( You never know the hidden love might emerge)
  • Make a handmade card( Don’t worry about your or his age, he’ll be thrilled)


So, what are you waiting for? Just find some time this year and celebrate the father’s day like you have never celebrated it before. Let the feelings flow this time, be creative, and shower your love!!

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