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6 Top Family-Friendly Activities in the Andaman Islands

Why Andaman Island is the Perfect Family Holiday Destination

A family holiday in the Andaman Islands is truly a delightful experience, with a multitude of picturesque sights and activities that keep everyone engaged and happy.

While the beaches offer the right settings for seniors to relax and unwind, they are quite ideal for you and your spouse to enjoy long leisure strolls, while the children have their share of fun playing on the white sands.  If children are old enough, they can accompany you on an exciting experience of snorkeling or sea-walking as well.

There are quite a few other scenic attractions that prove quite enjoyable as well. Comfortable hotels, delicious food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian (mainly seafood) and hospitable people make this destination ideal for a family getaway.

A multitude of Andaman holiday packages is available to suit diverse travel preferences and budgets. Some tour operators also accept requests to customize the itinerary according to your requirements. If you are mulling on a family trip, check out what the Andaman Islands have in store!

Here are some of the top family-friendly activities in the Andaman Islands.

  • Beach / Island Hopping
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    Island Hopping

High on the list is the visit to the different beaches in Andaman, which of course is not possible without traveling across the seas to the different islands here. Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands are the most popular among all tourist locations, with the best of accommodation and transport facilities to the neighboring islands.

You may choose to stay at any of these places and explore the terrain quite comfortably.  The Corbyn’s Cove and Wandoor beaches in Port Blair prove simply stunning and ideal to spend time with your family. An exciting cruise / ferry / speed boat trip to the nearby Havelock Island will bring you to some of the most picturesque, vibrant and serene beaches of the land such as the popular Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach and Elephant Beach.  Laxmanpur, Sitapur and Bharatpur beaches on Neil Island are equally impressive and serene.

  • Indulging in Water Sports
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    Water Sports

If you’re done strolling along the waterfront and lazing on the beaches, it is now time to get your feet wet.

The elderly may, of course, enjoy a safe ride on the glass boat or semi-submarine, while the adventurous lot can indulge in snorkeling, scuba diving, sea-walking, para-sailing or even simply swimming in the shallow waters.

Most beaches at Havelock Islands are fully equipped to support water sporting activities, with trained guides to accompany you if required.


  • Experiencing Sound and Light Shows
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    Sound and Light Shows

Irrespective of how beautiful or enticing the surroundings may be, there’s no escaping from the fact these pristine settings once were torture houses for exiled freedom fighters.

The Cellular Jail, one of the most inhumane solitary confinement structures, today, is open to visitors and it houses several exhibits of records and photographs as well as a library. A visit to this historic monument is however not complete without attending the sound and light show that showcases the history and significance of the place.

An equally moving show is also on at the Ross Island, the erstwhile headquarters of British in Andaman from where they controlled and managed the prisons in Port Blair and Viper Island.


  • Exploring Nature Reserves
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    Exploring Nature Reserves

Nature reserves in the Andaman are a delight for people of all age groups, and hence make an ideal setting for family outings. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park spread over nearly 15 islands is home to indigenous aquatic life and sea-faring birds as well.

With sandy beaches, lush verdant forests and mangroves this park is a pleasure to explore if you love marine life.

The Mount Harriet National Park, the natural habitat of birds, butterflies and amphibians, the Saddle Peak National Park and the Cuthbert Bay Sanctuary, nesting ground for the Olive Ridley and home to butterflies, deer, and other native birds are beautiful locations best explored with your loved ones.

A picnic at the Chidya Tapu, is indeed bound to be a memorable family getaway!


  • Visiting Museums
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Visiting the different museums in Andaman offers an opportunity to better understand the land, its native tribes, historical significance, as well as the marine ecosystem.

The Anthropological Museum is a treasure trove of information and artefacts that reflect the life and times of the indigenous tribes. The Jarawa tribe that still inhabits this terrain is protected from all external contacts, allowing them to follow their lifestyle without any disturbances.

However, there is a road that runs through the Jarawa reserve, but contact/communication/photographing the tribal are punishable by law!

The Samudrika Marine/Navy Museum is bound to keep youngsters engaged presenting valuable details, live and preserved specimens of aquatic life here, while the Forest Museum also proves quite unique.


  • Sightseeing and Shopping
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There are a host of other interesting sights such as the Howrah Bridge, intricate limestone caves and mud volcanoes that are unique to these islands.

Andaman’s only river that feeds a hydroelectric power station in the fertile lands of Diglipur makes a memorable sight.

The pleasant off-beat countryside with its own coastline proves quite relaxing.

A family holiday is, of course, incomplete without shopping for gifts and mementos. Andaman is indeed the place to stock up on pearl jewelry, with authentic pieces available at the Sagarika Emporium.

Local markets in Delanipur, Junglighat, and other cottage industry outlets and Government handicraft shops offer a wide choice of souvenirs made from sea-shells, wood, cane, and bamboo. Coconut-based mementos are best purchased at Anup Eco Arts in Havelock Island.

Looking through the different handmade products at leisure and picking ones that are appealing is truly a therapeutic experience!

Most handcrafted eco-friendly artefacts are priced quite reasonably making shopping a great pleasure as well!

Andaman is indeed a safe, comfortable and scenic destination for family holidays. Just take time to sit with your loved ones and check out the different Andaman holiday packages on offer to select the one which appeals to the entire family.

Remember that you can request custom changes to accommodate diverse travel interests for an enjoyable holiday experience!

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