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Svasti Ayurveda Face Pack: Packed With Natural Goodness of Nature

Svasti Ayurveda Face Pack Review

It is that time of the year when the cold is on its way out and it is time for rejuvenation. When the flowers are blooming, why shouldn’t your skin?

Vijayalakshmi Kesharwala, a Mumbai-based entrepreneur is churning out 100% natural ayurvedic beauty products in her kitchen. All of these products have zero preservatives and are entirely made of completely natural ingredients. The best bit – Vijayalakshmi makes these products in limited batches as per the orders received – so they are absolutely fresh and have probably been made just a few days before they reach you. While she has face care and hair care products, we decided to try out her natural face pack.

The Ingredients:

Kesar, Chandan, Multani Mitti, Neem, Tulsi, Lodra, Ashwagandha, dried orange powder, Mulethi, Jaiphal, Ananthmul, Jaiphal, Manjishta, Amba Haldi, Gulabface, bananivissta

The Price:

Rs 350 for 100gms

How to Use:

For radiant glow: Mix with curd and few drops of lemon

For pigmentation: Mix in rose water and potato juice

For oily skin: Mix in cucumber juice, lemon, and rose water

For dry skin: Mix in raw milk, milk cream and honey

face, bananivissta

The Review:

I am truly a face pack junkie. I have something for beauty products that are actually organic and not just claim to be so.

So when my friend Vijayalakshmi, whose skin quality I have always been a huge fan of told me that she is making her own hair packs and has started a sort of ‘kitchen brand’ I jumped with joy and asked her to send me one of her products – the Svasti Ayurveda face pack.

Now I have a combination skin type that tends to misbehave as the weather changes. So in winters, it gets all dry and because of all the sunbathing, it gets pigmented and dull. I began my regime the very day this face pack arrived. Before use, I scrubbed my face and after applying a wee drop of almond oil to moisturize the facial skin, I applied this face pack.

The face pack comes as a fine powder that you can adapt to make a paste by mixing it with easily available kitchen ingredients depending on your skin concern or skin type. I was targeting pigmentation and dullness. So I mixed one teaspoon of the face pack with half a teaspoon of curd and 4-5 drops of lemon juice until it was a gooey consistency. For added moisturization, I added half a teaspoon of raw milk as well. I made sure it wasn’t too runny, but also not too chunky (or it would dry out too soon).

I applied this face pack on my skin for 15 minutes until it was completely dry. Now you can choose to either wash it off with lukewarm water or do what I did – gently kept massaging it off my skin with wet hands. Be careful not to rub vigorously if you choose to do what I did. After the first use, I noticed a definite brightening of the skin – the tan was definitely at least 50% off! That was a revelation, considering there are absolutely no chemicals in the product.

After using it twice a week for one month, I am noticing that my skin is clearer, the blemishes are totally gone and even the breakouts have reduced. If these are the results in one month, I am motivated enough to make the Svasti Ayurveda Face Pack a regular part of my skincare regime to make my skin glow.

If you would like to try it too, you can hop on to the social media pages of Svasti Ayurveda (just look for SvastiAyurveda on Facebook or Instagram) or email them at svastiayurveda@gmail.com and order this absolutely fantastic product that actually works.

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