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Go Organic With These Exclusive Collections Of Eco-Friendly Fabrics By Farheen Rahman

Farheen Rahman Is All About Sustainable Fashion & Eco-Friendly Fabrics


Farheen Rahman denotes “Sustainable Fashion’, a fashion brand that believes in the beauty of natural elements. Farheen Rahman brings forth organic to your wardrobe, with its exclusive collection of eco-friendly fabrics.



BV: How did Label Farheen Rahman come about?


Farheen: Farheen Rahman is an Eco fashion sustainable brand. Previously in 2009 while I was doing my fashion designing honors from London College of Fashion I launched my brand Nisa Apparels Pvt Ltd in London on Kensington Church Street. I saw the growth of organic and sustainable clothing in London and was inspired by the way people took it seriously as a lifestyle. This inspired me to start Farheen Rahman. I started working with the weavers which was the starting point of getting into the field of Eco fashion. 



BV: What drives your passion for sustainable fashion?


Farheen: Sustainable lifestyle inspires me. It brings you back to the roots. Fashion has a strong relation to the environment which needs to be protected. 



BV: Why is sustainable fashion important to you? 


Farheen: Fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry after the oil industries. This has an adverse effect on the environment and we need to safeguard it for ourselves and our future generations. I believe that sustainable lifestyle is one of the best ways to reduce the harmful effects. 



BV: What or who has influenced your work as a socially and environmentally responsible designer?


Farheen: Few things have influenced me to become a sustainable brand. Firstly the global warming which is a major concern. The adverse effects of industries on the environment is dangerous for our future generations. Switching to an organic and hand woven fabric can help is decreasing the usage. If we get our fabrics handwoven we are giving jobs to the weavers which will help them have a better life. Using organic fabrics decreases the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals. We see a lot of unused fabrics which are used as landfills. Recycling them to make clothes decreases the pollution. Few of such examples have influenced me to start an eco fashion brand.


BananiVista, fabrics


BV: Any Advice you’d like to share with the designer who are venturing into Sustainable fashion


Sustainable fashion is very different from fast fashion. I would advice the designers to be true to the cause. It takes time to build up so be patient. Believe in fair trade and try to explore all aspects of sustainability. 



BV: What are your top tips for others trying to lead more sustainable lives?   


Farheen: The switch to a sustainable lifestyle is not easy and it does not happen over night. Even if we can change one aspect of our lifestyle like replacing plastic with bio degradable cartons or recycle paper is a good start.



BV: How did you think of the inspiration of your new collection #Notetoyourself


Farheen: My collections are always inspired by my life experiences. #notetoself is a collection where I have written small quotes and one liners which I believe in. I have taken inspiration from my favourite poets, writers, famous quotes etc. The collection is made in hand woven linen and hand embroidered and hand finished



About the Collection: #NOTETOSELF


#NOTETOSELF is a collection inspired by the quotes, poetries of favourite poets and various monologues that we hear and save in our minds and diaries. The fabrics used are hand woven linen and cotton muslin. The embroidery is hand drawn and embroidered. The silhouettes are classic with hand stitched detailing at the seams.
The collection is a perfect juxtapose between the classic and the modern sensibilities. 

Designer, Farheen Rahman’ s designs are an amalgamation of the inspiration she derives from her day to day life. Her childhood, her everyday observation of things around her, her travelogue, books, movies and many more such small things of life that we cherish. Doodling being her signature style, she uses the fabric as her canvas to create some of the fun yet classic collections that is showcased around the world.


BananiVista, fabrics


Farheen Rahman an essence of Sustainability, Style, and Stability. 


Farheen Rahman teams up with the weavers of Bengal to create the best of hand-woven organic fabrics that promises SUSTAINABILITY  in terms of biodiversity and employability of the weavers. The STYLE factor of the brand is created and designed by Farheen Rahman, who gets exquisite doodles embroidered on each piece of attire to give you the oomph factor. Keeping in mind the constant environmental change on the planet, Farheen Rahman creates eco-friendly sustainable fashion that not only makes you look good but also makes the world a better place, bringing in a STABILITY in the ecology. The brand is people conscious, nature conscious and planet conscious. So, every time you flaunt off a Farheen Rahman attire, flaunt it off with pride.

Available at Toile, Khar West, Mumbai & Toile, Kalighat, Kolkata


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