Eating is a necessity but cooking is an Art!

“Feeling so relaxed as I am no more at my work station today”, Alia says. “The chicken stuffing with cheese and spinach is ready and I am feeling so damn hungry that I can’t wait for it to get cooked”, Gautham says. “The Bowl should be dry for the flour and the egg, Sarabjeet instructed.

It was a Saturday morning, 11.30 by my watch. I reached the venue which was beautifully set up on the terrace surrounded by tall coconut and Indian Coral Trees which gives the feeling of being “GO GREEN”. My eyes started rolling around the venue which had one small wooden door that leads to an open porch, concrete wall with colorful paintings and one barbecue stand right at the corner.
The event started with a small introduction by our Cooking King “Sarabjeet”, alumni of Christ College who started his journey working in numerous cafes and restaurants in India and U.S. Life changed when a thought drove into the minds of both Sarabjeet Singh and his best buddy, Faseeulla Saifulla. These two students of Hotel Management joined hands together to spread the magic of cooking in people’s lives. This gave birth to “SlurpStudio” in the heart of Bangalore, “Indiranagar”. The motive of the studio is- “Learn and Have Fun with Cooking”.

The cooking studio has got all the sophisticated amenities that a cook would love to play with. The room had wooden floors, kitchen tables with colorful mosaics, knife sets, smart cooking stoves, chopping boards and kitchen towels. To comfort their guests, Slurp has got cozy brown sofas also.

Today Slurp Studio was visited by 25 Corporate who scattered into three different teams which was the best example of TEAM BUILDING activity which my eyes ever had witnessed. The people got charged once our “Singh” ordered them to wash their hands and go through the SOP’s which was provided to each team. The corporates transform themselves into great cooks with cooking weapons in their hands. As always, Sarabjeet and Fasseullah were busy in guiding their guests or rather students in bringing out the best palate ever. Finally, the event ends with filling the big empty wooden table with Roasted Carrot Soap with Dukkah Spice and Yoghurt, Vegetable Lasagna, Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast with Potato Mash and Thyme Scented Cream Sauce and Molten Lava Cake surrounded with fantastic people with a smile of satisfaction and Gratitude.


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