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Founder SINI Designs, Neetu Singh: Crafted Jewellery and Accessories

My Designs Are Creation of Nature: Neetu Singh, Founder SINI Designs


Receiving an award

Receiving an award


“Inspired from India, crafted for the world” is the motto of Fashion Designer Neetu Singh, founder and CEO of SINI Designs who is the poster Women of Delhi pavilion 2017 at IITF. Masters in physics from Miranda House she started her company SINI Jewels with a goal to bring changes in the lives of rural women artisans. In a conversation with BananiVista she talks about her love for designing and how passionate she is about her NGO Aastha Foundation.


BV- How did you discover your love for Fashion Designing?

NS- My passion for nature, understanding the creations of nature had the inherent instinct for designing. My designing brings me more close to the nature and when my designs are used and appreciated, I feel a ‘connect’ with not only the nature but its creations also.


BV- When did you took your passion professionally?

NS- The journey of the entrepreneurship began in Feb. 2005 with the establishment of my NGO “Aastha Foundation”. The objective of the NGO was to train and empower the under privileged and poor artisan especially women in the Handicraft Sector. The enhanced skill set of these women and other artisans led to creations of world class designs and quality products which could match and create a niche in global market. To provide a platform to showcase and sell the beautifully crafted handicraft jewellery and fashion accessories, “SINI” was conceptualized as a brand in 2011.


Jewelleries and Accessories by Sini Jewels

Jewelleries and Accessories by Sini Jewels


BV- Tell us about SINI Designs?

NS- SINI started as an Export House in 2011. SINI DESIGNS has been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Stoles, Scarves, Shawls, Ponchos, Beach wear and garments. SINI, inspired by the rich Indian culture, has been crafted for the women of today.


BV- Which type of jewellery and accessories are most popular in India?

NS- The trendy and reasonably priced jewellery and fashion accessories are most popular, especially among the young generations. The concept of ‘Make in India’, promotion of handlooms and handicrafts has resulted fashion in terms of jewellery and accessories too symbolise the nationalistic fervour also.


BV-  Now, you have spread your wings to Fashion Designing and started your own fashion house. How did you get into that?

NS-  My designing had a small niche to begin with, but in a very short span the creations started getting global appreciations. The designs made a mark in the International exhibitions held in India and abroad. To meet the requirement and expectations of the people across the globe, establishment of a fashion house was a logical conclusion.


BV- Tell us about your work with AASTHA Foundation to help women and rural artisan in India?

NS- After studies, seeing the plight of talented but unemployed poor and under privileged people especially women, I started training them to enhance their skills through my NGO, Aastha Foundation established in Feb. 2005. The objective of the NGO was to train and empower the under privileged and poor artisan especially women in the Handicraft Sector. The zeal, enthusiasm and determination soon led to the creation of cluster of artisans having knowledge of Indian Art and skills to create world class products.


BV- What does Fashion mean to you?

NS- Fashion to me is the reflection of the feelings, expression of beauty- both internal and external and a statement of ones individuality.


Model walking the ramp in Neetu's designs

Model walking the ramp in Neetu’s designs


BV – What inspires your designing?

NS – “Inspired from India, crafted for the world” has been my inspiration. It has been my endeavor to connect the creativity of our talented artisans to the International market. It goes without saying that a major share of revenue is being invested for the improvement in Health, Education and Financial condition of these artisans under corporate social responsibilities (CSR).


BV-  Would you like to share some achievements or recognitions so far?

NS – For me, my journey of running an NGO and a private limited company is like venturing into unexplored terrains. Coming from a service class family, I have the privilege of being a first generation entrepreneur. I consider it as my biggest achievement. Beside this I have been received State award for Master crafts person for Innovative Jewellery Designs, most valuable Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur award 2017 by Network 7 Media Group. I have participated in Fashion weeks and International exhibitions organised in Hong Kong, Malaysia and many other countries.


Neetu with her Best Entrepreneur Award

Neetu with her Best Entrepreneur Award


BV- With two growing up kids how do you manage? What keeps you motivated?

NS – Time management and maintaining a balance between important and urgent is the key.My two adolescent kids are a great support to me. I believe in team work and leadership which allows stress free working environment and ensures that I don’t carry work to home. In case of inevitable overlapping, I reach to a holistic decision. For example, my participation in the international exhibitions is invariably clubbed with a family vacations where kids support in exhibitions and enjoy the holidays afterwards.  


BV- What is your mantra (Quote) for life?

NS- “Be sensitive towards mother nature and nation’s property”. My contribution is not only by conserving and protecting it but also by motivating others.

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