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Read Kapil Kumar Bhaskar’s New Publication- Reminiscences Of A Seeker: Dark Face Of The White World!


Enjoy this interesting book from Kapil Bhaskar.

Enjoy this interesting book from Kapil Bhaskar.


“Spirituality is a brave search for the truth about existence, fearlessly peering into the mysterious nature of life”. The spiritual quote is best described by the author, Kapil Kumar Bhaskar in his latest publication “Reminiscences of a Seeker”. The book is a page turner keeping their readers hooked till the last page.


Design and Cover of the book: The cover of the book is quite captivating. The moon in the dark background symbolizes “Hope” which is able to see light despite all the darkness. The cover fosters the idea of the mysticism which allures the readers to buy and read the book.


Kapil with his new publication.

Kapil with his new publication.


About the book: This publication describes the personal journey of the author in search of a true master. Tutored under several masters in due course of his life, he learned some of the true facts of the darker world. He learned the treacherous ways of his masters from the darker world. The author was unable to recognize his own inner self, his beliefs in the supreme power somehow overpower by the supernatural negative powers of Tantrism and Aghoris which were leading him towards the path of destruction. Kapil’s mind got tempted with every shallow practice and was plunged into the fascinating world of Dark Arts, Greed and Drama. He was finding it difficult to know his purpose of life rather he ended being one of the puppets of those strong evil masters. He escaped from the hands of one wily master and took shelter under the shade of another who befool him and even the followers by playing with their strengths and weaknesses. Kapil was clogged into the vicious circle of occultism.


The author endeavors to emerge out of his mix of shallow practices which was different than the actual spiritual growth. Under the shade of the Tantric and Aghori masters, Kapil’s heart always screams of uneasiness as those practices were never meant for him. He was craving for his acquaintance with his original master of life in physical form.


The journey was difficult and life-threatening, even though the author wanted to detach himself from the darker world of supernatural powers but he had to pay at the cost of his family, work, and peace of his mind.


The author has beautifully presented the anecdotes from his journey which makes this book an interesting read. His paranormal experiences create a vivid picture in front of the eyes, engross the readers and give goose bumps. The book even provides us knowledge of the mystic world of Tantrism and the modus operandi of Aghoris.


With inner conflicts of trust and betrayal, the author had the privilege to meet his master. He was happy and content in his heart as he found the bright light of Ultimate Divine from the deepest darkness of the supernatural world of mystics.


The Not so good thing: As the publication is an interesting one, it requires a bit of editing. Few things can also be shortened in order to make it crisp and look professional.


Who should buy this book: This book is for those readers who believe in the mystic and supernatural world. People who have a knack to understand the dark side of the world finds this book quite captivating.


Buy and read this interesting book.

Buy and read this interesting book.


Available on Amazon and Kindle.

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