Kitchen of the world: Charoen Pokphand, CP Foods

Charoen Pokphand, CP Foods, Kitchen of the                                    world

Masaleydar Aloo Tikki ( a great choice for evening snacks)

We always think of healthy snacks whenever it comes to children and moreover, Kids need variety, tasty and attractive food on their plate. Most of the packaged foods in the market are tasty but fail in terms of their hygiene and nutritious value. In that case, CP Foods come to the rescue.

Comes with a tagline “Farm-to-Fork”, the Charoen Pokphand Foods public company limited is the leading agro-industrial and food company. It is Thailand based, food conglomerate in the Asia Pacific region. The company is known for its livestock and aquaculture business and proved a valuable addition in the processed, cooked and ready to eat food products under CP and CP Fresh Mart brands.

Boxing champion, M C Mary Kom has been announced as the brand ambassador for this company.  Check out the 5 reasons why one should pick CP products from the supermarkets.

M C Mary Kom, the brand ambassador of CP Foods

  • Convenient choices of food products: The Company delivers a wide range of food products to its customers which include ready-to-serve meals, ready-to-eat chilled and frozen products under the CP brand and meat products either cutlets or cooked, chilled or frozen.

Chicken Cheezy Magic Nuggets (a great choice for the kids, its attractive)

  • Scientifically Controlled hygienic farms: CP’s products are produced in their Bio-Secure hygienic farms. Hence the chickens raised are superior and of high quality.

Chicken Cheezy Herb Finger(crispy and spicy in every bite, one of my favorites)

  • Maintaining nutritional quality: CP is known for retaining the nutritional value of its products. Using the unique and advanced production technologies across the chain supply ensure the nutritional quality of the products. They use the Air Chill technology for the first time in India to keep freshness longer.

Pop it up with Crispy Chicken Popcorn


Chicken King Burger Patty 

  • Vegetarian’s Delight: The tasty “Crispy Cheezy Jalapeno Bites” was best among the CP Veg products. No doubts for the rest of the veggie products, as they are specially created with irresistible combinations of numerous herbs, spices and secret ingredients to serve the best onto the plate.

Crispy Cheezy Jalapeno Bites for every cheese lovers, it’s heavenly

Mini Magic Cutlet (I can finish it within minutes)

Cheezy Corn Dino Nuggets 

  • Customer friendly: To match the behavioural changes and customer’s preferences, the company spend time in conducting researches and surveys. The food products can be consumed by all age-groups.

The Non veg Hot Dog 

Biryani prepared by the in-house chefs

The Choco-lava cake 

So why wait, grab all the delicacies today. Check out for CP products at your nearest stores today and let us know your experiences with these amazing products.

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