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5 Key Reasons Why One Should Buy SleepyCat today

Have a comfortable sleep with Sleepycat

SleepyCat, India’s first Box mattress company has launched its new premium range of boxed mattresses –The SleepyCat Plus. This new mattress is an 8-inch deluxe mattress that strikes the right balance between comfort and firmness, giving your spine much deserved support and relaxation. The new version is thicker, comfy and cozy with premium quality gel memory foam and high-density foam that focusses on the four key factors that affect a person’s sleep: comfort, support, temperature, and durability. It comes with a ‘‘SMART OUTTER ZIPPER COVER” where you can separate the two layers. This makes it easy for spot cleaning.

The 2-inch unique cooling Gel Memory Foam layer is designed to provide orthopedic support by distributing one’s body weight evenly, hence maintaining the spine’s natural alignment and relieving pressure points that cause body aches. The gel beads regulate the body temperature. This layer also prevents motion transfer and allows you and your partner to sleep without disturbance.

It has the perfect amount of resilience, giving you the bounce you require while making sure there is no partner disturbance.

The premium mattress also has a breezy inner cover specially designed to protect the foam while providing adequate air- flow and lasting freshness.  The ultra-premium outer cover is made of a high GSM knitted fabric for comfort and flexibility. It is hand-crafted and the two-part zipper makes it easily removable for spot cleaning. You can now separate the top layer from the bottom for easy cleaning without removing the full cover.

sleep, bananivissta

Kabir Siddiq, Founder and CEO, SleepyCat

Commenting on launch CEO and Founder, SleepyCat, Kabir Siddiq said “The SC Plus is a luxury version. It’s everyone’s favorite mattress but with additional comfort and features such as the Smart Zipper Cover. Before introducing this edition, we had run a soft launch to test how our customers react and amazingly they loved it. With such an affirmative response we’re certain to garner success and we can promise our customers to experience plush comfort with the new SleepyCat Plus”.

5 Key Reasons Why You Should Buy SleepyCat today

  • How is SleepyCat different from the other mattress companies in the segment – SleepyCat believes in innovation and using high-quality materials to provide a unique product. We are India’s first mattress in a box and we made sure we had unique qualities such as gel memory foam and inner netted covers which increase breathability and airflow. Being direct from the factory we keep our costs low and always concentrate on the consumer and adapt to their needs. Our SleepyCat Plus is a great example of this and we even introduced a smart zipper cover on this which makes cleaning easy as the cover can be removed in two parts. SleepyCat is a brand which people relate to now for honest, luxurious, high-quality sleep products. 
  • Is it baby proof – The mattress comes with a removable zipper cover which helps maintain its hygiene and can be cleaned in case it gets dirty. But it does not protect it from the water. For that, you need a mattress protector which is always bought separately as it is subjective and only according to peoples requirements.sleep, bananivissta
  • Expansion plans – We are going to be arranging a wide variety of sleep products as our aim is to sleep solutions company. We are just over a year old and will soon also be introducing one-day delivery in other cities along with the launch of new products. 
  • New products coming soon preferable in the next quarter – We plan to launch other sleep accessories such as a mattress protector and pillows in the coming few months. We are also launching all sizes of the SleepyCat Plus after its success during the beta launch. We are very excited about this.sleep, bananivissta
  • 1-day delivery feature for SleepyCat Products – Currently we have just launched next day delivery in Bangalore and Mumbai for most sizes of the SleepyCat original. This makes it very convenient for a customer and the delivery process is very smooth as well. Now people do not need to wait to sleep on their luxurious SleepyCat mattress and can get the delivery according to their convenience. 

The mattress can be ordered from their website through four simple steps after which the mattress is shipped to you for free anywhere in India. The mattress can also be ordered from Amazon. TheCompany provides a unique policy of 30 night’s risk-free trial and a 10 years unbeatable warranty too.

The price range of the SleepyCat Plus mattress starts from 21,989 onwards and can be ordered from Amazon and is also available on the website

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