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“Every piece of jewelry tells a story.” –  Gem Hunt. And, such stories are created by Chitrita with every bit of creativity, innovation, and elegance. Krithika started Chitrita 3 years back by learning from online tutorials and blogs. Her love for the art of quilling jewelry got translated into lovely pieces jewelry. Gradually, she turned her passion into a business yet keeping the zeal of learning alive. Chitrita creates pieces of jewelry with silk, thread, and paper. 


Chitrita, handmade jewelry

Chitrita, handmade jewelry


Today, Chitrita has a good customer base, people who love her designs and trust her for her choices. Chitrita is making some unique designs, one of its kind and is a delight for both old and new customers. 

With the exquisite pieces of jewelry that Chitrita makes, you ought to have one in your trinket box.

We got Up, close and personal with Krithika to talk more about her passion and the journey of Chitrita.


Unique and Exquisite

Unique and Exquisite


BV: We already know how you started Chitrita, but did you have any inspiration or motivation as well?


KC: When I started my quilled earrings moving on to other stuff gradually, I needed a proper window to showcase my works to the world. When my friends started supporting my work and buying it too, I knew I owed it to them to put all of this on a proper platform and share this happiness with the world. My Facebook page initially started out as just an online album, but now I share stories with it. As for the name, I love Sanskrit names, that’ll also be a conversation starter! Chitrita means a Beautiful painting! And that’s how I see each of my creation.


BV: You told us about the USP of Chitrita, so who do you see as your competitors?


KC: It is a big world out there, there’s space for everyone. I am my own competitor, I need to create something better than what I created yesterday. Everyone else that is in this line of business are my inspirations. It’s beautiful to see how different people express their creativity differently. The same raw materials that I have are used in a completely innovative way by another contemporary or peer even. It’s fascinating to learn new techniques and see what others are creating. From those, I derive my inspiration to do more. And I’ll be happy if likewise, I inspire others too.


USP of Chitrita



BV: How do you procure the raw materials for creating jewelry? 


KC: There are numerous vendors across the length and breadth of the country. Though I keep scouring the internet and social media for new trends, accessories and vendors, there are a few vendors that I share a good camaraderie with who are my Go-to people. While I take care to keep stock of basic materials, there are times when I need certain pendants or charms and so on, that I then order based on a client’s specific design request.


BV: You have mentioned that clients leave the design to you and your creativity. Any particular design or theme that is your favourite? How do you conceptualize? Show us any one of your favourite designs.


KC: It is difficult to point out a specific favourite as each one is special to me! But these 2 designs are especially close because I made these when just starting out full-fledged with silk thread jewelry. The first client needed a really grand pendant for a wedding and the 2nd needed a choker look for an heirloom saree. Both were a first for me! The pendant in the first pic is completely hand-made and took a good 3-4 days to make as it needed to dry properly. The choker again is a challenge at times to get the alignment and structure right. 


When working on a design, the first step is finalizing the colours and combinations. Once that’s out of the way, I try to understand the attire and occasion they want it for, grand, muted, size of pendants, length and so on. I then try to visualize a design and show a rough assembly to them for approval and further suggestions. I explain the pros and cons of a particular design or colour combos. When both sides reach a mutual agreement, I start my work on the product.


 Colours and Combinations

Colours and Combinations


BV: How do you procure clients now? How do you promote your business?


KC: Online media is the best as is word of mouth. While my existing clients (friends, relatives and neighbours) remain a steady source, putting up my designs online is crucial to reach the wider circles. So whenever I complete a challenging set or am coming up with a new series, I keep posting teasers and actual pictures across different platforms to tickle people’s curiosity and lure them in.


BV: What are the new that are in store for the customers? Any new concept that you are planning to try out? 


KC: I am planning to try out a new line based on different materials. More bright summer colours at the same time keeping it light and wearable in the heat.


Bright Summer Colours

Bright Summer Colours

BV: Tell us a bit about the pricing model.


KC: This is more about my passion than anything else. But as any fire needs fuel, I price my creations as fairly as I can with a basic profit line and enough to cover raw materials cost. Since I create only customized pieces, never bulk, I take into consideration the time and effort that goes into it. By God’s grace, my customers understand and respect the fact that I never over-price 😊


Pricing Model

Pricing Model

About Chitrita:


Chitrita is a jewelry brand which makes unique handmade products based on the client’s requirement. These are distinctive pieces as no two are alike and these are not made in bulk. Krithika C Sekaran, the founder designs every concept on her own based on what and how the customer wants. It started off as her passion, but now she is an entrepreneur who is creating a name for herself in the lifestyle space with her brand, which makes jewelry that narrates a story every time. Her designs are inspired by emotions of a woman’s heart, Mother Nature, and joy of life. Since they are handmade at home, they are eco-friendly as well. Every piece is different as every piece is done from scratch based on the client’s requirement. So, the wearer loves every bit of it and wears it with the attire she planned it for. The designs are so fresh and attractive that you simply would love more of them for your every attire, occasion and mood. If you are looking for fashion jewelry that makes you stand out in the crowd and people admiring you and your choice, Chitrita is the place to check. They have different kinds of jewelry in terms of colorsm designs and price which are quite reasonable. 


Chitrita as a brand can reach very close to a woman’s heart because it creates what her heart desires. Wear a Chitrita creation and flaunt your style statement. 


We wish Chirita many of success stories in their journey ahead, and many more attractive designs for their customers to flaunt. 


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