Chilies, garlic and lots of love

Rushina shares a divine connectionwith food, so much so, her love for food is extraordinary. She connects everything with food. According to her, food is sustenancewhile also being something that transports her back home. Rushina’s story depicts a life of every other woman, however her story harbors a rather unique twist, that being that she  found a passion that has led to so many wonderful experiences and achievements.


Rushina began her blogging journey in 2002 under the name “A Perfect Bite”. This became one of the most popular blogs in India, which led her to write 15 articles a month for different magazines. She contributed her work for Savvy Cookbook too.  She sure is hard working! In 2008 “A Perfect Bite” took on the avatar of a food consulting firm.
Rushina played a food consultant role too. Through APB Consulting Co., she started providing services to various prestigious brands like Godrej Nature’s Basket and Amore Gelato.
Rushina loves creativity and this can be better explained when you learn that she used to decorate the food her husband, an avid baker used to come up with. In this manner you can likenher husband to an architect and Rushina toan Interior Designer, a recipe that’s well set up to come up with something new.
Rushina loves to create special meals for her kids. She says she would rather spend her weekends  indoors and cook up some new delicacies which her kids will adore. This sparked an idea and eventually led her to create her own space where cooking can be fun as well as alearning experience. This gave rise to APB Cook Studio.
APB Cooking studio

APB Cooking studio

The APB Cook Studio is a place where you can get your questionsrelated to food answered. Here, you can enjoy cooking while learning all about food. This could extend fromthe fruits, the masala ingredients, the continental dessert or even the “desi biryanis”, as Rushina’s cooking studio covers all these. At APB, the interiors are beautifully laid out with wood and decorated with manner of all colorful fruits and vegetables. The studio is also filled with food appliances and gadgets. The Cook Studio turned three years oldand by god’s grace, it is still growing. Rushina saysthat this wouldn’t have been possible without her husband‘s encouragement and support. She toldme that the APB journeywas not an easy one as she had kids to care for. That said, she was grateful to her mom and her mother-in law who supported her morally and financially.
APB Cook Studio offers varied classes which can be enjoyed by the beginners to the most experimental cooks.  Tadka Workshops and Masala Trails are some of her workshops. Rushina is a great teacher too. She teaches children with great enthusiasm under the names Little Chefs and Spicecapades.
She went on to add that she considers eggs as the most versatile ingredient and that she would love to have it ather breakfast table. She is a great fan of Chilies, Garlic and Citric items too.
Rushina had come up with a book in December 2012 entitledA Pinch of This, A Handful of That. This book describes platters straight inspired by the place she grew up in as well as her childhood. The book also contains fabulous recipes with a description of the people and fascinating stories connected with them.
The Book

The Book

 Rushina states how food is emerging as a career option in India, an idea which truly inspired me. Given the current situation, food is not just “Bawarchi”, its a whole lot more. Until and unless one goes through the pain of cleaning the utensils, one cannot shine.


Rushina is very emotional, kind-hearted and loyal. She feels that if one has a positive outlook towards a pursuit, it will automatically reflect in you and is destined for success. Rushina derives her greatest gratification when people come in the studio, learn something new, and leave with a smile on their lips and satisfaction in their hearts. This in turn make her happy and contented.


Rushina went on to tell me that she‘s inspired from various sources ranging from TV to the market.  She added that she never dreamt that her work would be recognized in such a big way. Her hard work, positive attitude and firm determination readily usher this woman in to the hall of fame and success.


Meeting this lady is such an honor. She instills me with a new belief, power and a new way of approaching life. I wish I could have spent more time talking to her, but I am sure life will give me more opportunities to learn of her cooking secrets soon.

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