Children’s Are Getting Afflicted By Harsh Parenting-Here’s How!

 A recent study showed that the students or the kids who were raised harshly by their parents were likely found to move ahead in wrong paths. It has been witnessed that they are finding their peer group much more significant since they are getting supportive advises from them which are motivating them to move ahead from their responsibilities, also not follow their parents’ rules.


Image source: The Statesman

Image source: The Statesman


Outcomes have been such that, female kids are engaging themselves in more persistent early sexual behavior. While the males, on the other hand, are indulging themselves in many such wrong doings like stealing and hitting etc. So, parents, do you think, using physical threats or hitting can be a good form of punishment for your children? If that is the case, then study’s proved that your kids might be at a huge risk of performing below par in school and in their academics!


The American researchers have conducted the study, which states that harsh parenting has led the kids to engage themselves in more such risky behaviors just in their teenage phase. Rochelle F. Hentges, the lead researcher at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US, stated in their study that, harsh parenting was connected to lower educational procurement. It is a set of complex plunged processes that accentuated on present-oriented behaviors at the cost of future-oriented educational goals. He also added that those kids, who count on their friends, after seeing such parental behaviors, decides to spend time with them more often. They, instead of doing their homework, feel that there is nothing wrong in breaking rules to keep friends. With this, their sincerity level slowly goes down and they become much more aggressive.


The researchers have also found out that either direct or indirect effect of such harsh parenting has always shaped up a child’s behavior from the beginning and his or her relationship with peers. In a paper published in the journal of Child Development, the researchers used the children’s life histories as a scheme, to look at how such rough parenting affected the children’s educational fallout through their relationships with their associates, their sexual behavior and as well as their misconduct. For such outcomes, the researchers suggest that teaching strategies which focus on present oriented goals and techniques like firsthand experimental learning, enhanced group activities etc may help in learning well along with providing educational goals for such kids, who are brought up harshly by their parents.


All this depicts that the parents should be democratic while dealing with their children as it will affect their overall academic aspects. Since, a child’s academic performance largely depends on the parenting styles, so parents, in which way you would like to deal with your child?

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