A Tete-a-Tete with Ranveer Brar

It was 9.30 a.m on a Sunday morning at Starbucks, Juhu. I felt most fortunate and excited to meet this amazing person, for he was none other than one of the mentors in Amul Masterchef, Ranveer Brar. Our conversation began with every good conversation with a formal greeting and a cup of coffee. By the end of this conversation, however, I was left truly inspired by his amazing personality.

“I am an expressive person”, he said. “I express myself through writing, painting, singing and of course cooking”, he added enthusiastically.  He definitely is an embodiment of the multi-faceted person. 

Ranveer is one of those who hates being put into a box and began exploring the world with his love for food. He loves to express himself through food as it is a more vibrant and tangible medium. Moreover, he can recreate its magic again and again, perfecting it and providing new dimensions to the masterpiece. He went on to add that he loves to partake of Bangladeshi cuisine, besides Syrian Christian. 


Although his father was an engineer, Ranveer wasn’t drawn to the profession and his passion for food remained unwavering. Further, he was fascinated by Lucknow, a city with a rich culinary heritage, this served as Ranveer’s inspiration and led him to complete his formal education at the Institute of Hotel 
Management, Lucknow, furthering his love for food and cuisine.

His mastery was first put on a show when he began working at the Taj Mahal in Delhi for 2 years and then continued his journey by contributing to other restaurants such as Kafe Fontana, Machan, and Ricks. It was when he landed in Goa that however, that Ranveer began developing his style. This was when he faced his the biggest challenge, the challenge to meet the demands of the eco-system. However, Ranveer rose up to the challenge and how, coming up with various flavors in Goa. Besides, he also opened up a sea-food joint, an Italian restaurant and even a barbecue eatery here.

Ranveer then proceeded to Delhi, where he provided unique contributions to Rare Eastern Dining before  this young executive chef moved to Boston. Here he opened Banq which won many prestigious awards. Once more at Boston, Ranveer faced many ecosystem challenges. The biggest thing he learnt from these challenges was that despite our differences in culture, food  and taste matters to everyone. 

Taste is universal. He spent five challenging years in Boston and returned to India with a new spirit in his heart and joined Novotel, Mumbai as a senior executive chef.

It was then that Ranveer got a call from Zee Khana Khazana to host his own cookery show. Ranveer was absolutely delighted and happy at the prospect as this provided him with the opportunity to showcase his personality on screen through his recipes. He was the creative director of this show. As time passed, he came up with many other shows like Snack Attack, The Great Indian Rasoi and now he is featured as the co-judge in Masterchef, India. This reality TV show provides Ranveer with an unique experience  to mentor people across the country. 


Ranveer feels  strongly about Indian flavors and is of the opinion that it has plenty of potential to grow in the food industry. This is particularly true, as India has a very rich and ancient culture that lends itself to the natural evolutionary process. What’s more, there are more food fairs than ever, and food is no longer only related to hunger, but taste and flavor too. Not just every state, every region has its own distinct cuisine. Hence, food becomes our identity.

“I got to learn something or the other from each and every person I met”, Ranveer said in a soft tone. He further added that he got to learn from me as well and that drew a little smile to my lips. “Don’t quit, whatever it is”, Ranveer advised as we came to the end of our conversation.  This meeting left me truly energized and glad to meet this fantastic person. Unwind-Allaboutyou wishes Ranveer all the very best with  the amazing journey that lies ahead.


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