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A Chat with the Next Door Mind Reader, Narpath Raman

A Chat with the Next Door Mind Reader, Narpath Raman


Our thought process is something that is confined to us. But what might happen if someone is able to figure out what we are thinking? All your plans and secrets shall no longer be hidden. Your passwords and knowledge is not just yours now. Read this interview with the Mind Reader, Narpath Raman who calls himself a simple next door boy who will help your chills go down your spine under the guise of reading minds. Sounds interesting, right? Narpath shares some of the interesting events of his journey with BananiVista. Also know how difficult or easy it is to be a mind reader professionally.


Narpath Raman

Narpath Raman


BV: Did things like mind reading fascinate you since childhood?

Narpath: No, not at all! I didn’t even know all this existed.


BV: When did you decide of taking this up as your profession?

Narpath: In March 2015. When I quit my management consulting career, I took this up as a profession.


BV: What special education and training did you acquire for this?

Narpath: Actually, none!


I learnt everything by putting myself out there in streets. I spent almost 2 years in all the happening streets of Bangalore. Also, I would have interacted with thousands of people. All that helped me to learn. Those were crazy days. I miss them today.


Mind Reader is here

Mind Reader is here

BV: Have your readings ever gone wrong? If yes, how did you deal with such situations?

Narpath: Yes, they do go wrong at times. I use humour on such occasions. That has always been my strength.


BV: What are the best part and the most difficult part about mind reading?

Narpath: The best part is the adrenaline rush you get while reading someone’s mind. Also the money and the recognition! LOL!

The difficult part is the blind sceptics that keep calling you fake. But at times that is fun too.


BV: What are the best indicators of one’s mind- Face, way of talking, walk, handwriting, vibes or something else?

Narpath: I can pick up on all the above attributes. No one can be exact indicator though. From a distance I can, to an extent, understand if a group or individual is going to be warm or not to me. This is purely from raw experience and not research or based on scientific facts.


BV: Has mind reading brought any changes in you on the personal front?

Narpath: Obviously, it has changed my life massively. I used to be an introvert. Today I am very much an extrovert.


An interview with Narpath Raman

An interview with Narpath Raman


BV: Your achievements so far?

Narpath: “Achievements” would be a too big term. But yes, as compared to where I had started, I have come a decent way.


BV: Does it scare the people around you when they know about your profession?

Narpath: It scares as much as it intrigues them.


BV: Your future endeavours?

Narpath: I want to make it in the global scene. Obviously some would call it being “over-ambitious”. But honestly I do not find anything wrong in being so.

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