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The Charms Of Our Aura: It’s Significance In Human Lives

Bhavna Khanna, The Tarot Card Reader & Numerology Guide From “Solace Tarot Reading Sessions” Talks About Aura, Vibrations & Meditation


As a tarot card guide and reader, I think it is crucial to understand one’s aura and vibrations. The norm of checking aura and vibrations concerns not only the person you are interacting with but also the environment you are in. We must understand the fact that everything and everyone around us emits a certain energy that vibrates on different frequencies depending on the different emotional and situational development we are in and around us.


It is imperative for an individual to vibrate at a higher level. This gives them a deeper insight into the philosophies of life steering them towards the path of righteousness. On a physical level, this can be achieved by eating organically grown foods and consuming enough water. On a psychological level, it is important to soak on enriching thoughts and content, meditating, participating in acts of kindness, appreciating beauty in everything and simply learning the art of ‘letting go’.


BananiVista, aura

Bhavna Khanna


One must understand that each individual comes with their own set of karmas that they’ve got to fulfil in this lifetime. Bitter truth also resides in the fact that life is not a bed of roses; in fact, life has the ability to hurl pots and pans when you least expect it. But don’t let people and trivial issues bog you down. The best way of dealing with life is to, look it in the face and let the issues pass. Patience and perseverance are virtues that uphold oneself in a much higher plane. One must imbibe these virtues through the act of meditation.


Meditation is the means by which one can achieve a higher self or purpose. It is defined as an act of observing one’s own mind, without fighting or controlling it. It gives an opportunity to dive into consciousness. Meditation helps an individual to harness the universal goodness and incorporate the same in their routine life as it helps one to combat the bad karma.


When I started learning the tarot, I took to meditation on a regular basis. It was difficult at first, as my mind would jostle away on a trip of its own. I would have tried hard to get my mind back in order to focus. With time I received the gift of a keen intuition and crystal clear clarity of thoughts and ideas. Meditation also helped me improvise on my aura.


As I started meditating, it occurred to me that more and more people were smitten by my aura. I was surprised to learn how people who wouldn’t even glance at me, now began smiling and started striking a conversation with me, even for no reason. In fact, even when I asked my clients to meditate they immediately observe how their aura changed.


BananiVista, aura

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People who meditate on a regular basis are more receptive to energies and vibrations around them. With life being so harsh since my childhood years, I surprisingly learnt to see the good in all the odds around me. Over the years I became highly sensitive to absorbing vibes. This, in turn, came very handy when practising the tarot.  


I chance upon clients possessing very different kinds of vibrations There are some whose vibrations change frequently depending upon what they face occasionally and emotionally. While there are many whose vibrations evolve progressively after a reading. As a tarot card reader, I take it as a responsibility to alleviate someone’s spirits and resurrect someone from the inherent mess by truthfully showing them towards the more advantageous side of life as pronounced to them by the universe. I simply serve as a medium to help people and my cards serve as my tool.


It is interesting to comprehend an individual’s aura while conducting a reading. Generally, it helps to determine if the person you have come in touch with has come with what intention.


The tarot cards absorb fear with ease. For instance, if a client asks a question fretting about something or imparting negativity, the reply received by them will also become negative and the answer could differ. However owing to my experience, and gut instinct, I immediately catch up on the same and suggest a reading after the client is at ease. My clients don’t always come to me for a reading, but they connect with me in many ways.


BananiVista, aura

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I have chanced upon a number of people who have an aura that makes me feel terribly uncomfortable and awkward but my duty is yet to help the opposite person without judging them.  I do come across people who are involved in illicit affairs, but being a tarot card reader I am not someone to judge them. However, when I actually start doing a reading for them I come to realize that probably there is always a reason for someone to take on to the wrong path. My tarot helps me guide them more fittingly, helping them out of a difficult situation and restoring their lives for the better.


In most cases, I always know of the final outcome, but as a tarot card reader, it rests on my shoulders to guide my client out of their tough times with patience and perseverance. I learnt to deliver my clients, hope and I do so when the cards prompt me to do so. Helping someone doesn’t only make me happy, but it also helps improve the life of the significant other delivering a positive aura and energy.


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