Celebrating MedetterAsia- Flechazo

Extend your Christmas celebration with Santa Feast in Flechazo, an exceptional restaurant in the city mainly known for its perfect amalgam of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, “MedetterAsian”. This place not only amuses you through their food but the ambience and service also adds to your experience. No wonder, the name of the restaurant, “Flechazo” which means love at first sight!

The Different Sauces 

The restaurant is vibrant and colourful with pictorial wall hangings all around. The Bollywood songs in their playlist will pump it up the whole surrounding. Once you are settled down, the starters will be served on your table. Flechazo has an outlandish menu all set to give a virtual tour of Mediterranean and Asian lanes.

The Decor 

Both veg and non-veg starters are equally good; however Prawns in chilly plum sauce and Spiced Fish Nuggets with tartar sauce were my favourites. The Asian Cheezy potatoes and Crispy corn can be veggie’s delight. While having the starters, don’t forget to sip their drinks. Mango Mist and Green Apple….are the ones I would strongly recommend, they are fresh and light and are perfect to have with their crunchy starters. However, I thought the essence of mango in the Mango Mist was minimal.

Mango Mania

The Green Apple 

 Prawns in Chilly plum sauce

Spiced Fish nuggets with tartar sauce
Hare Pyaaz Ka Paneer Tikka

Ghost Hyderabadi Seekh Kabab

Corn Turkish Corn Crispy

    Asian Cheezy Potatoes

Pineapple Caramelized

Chicken Shawarma 

Before landing up to the main course, there are few interesting live counters namely Food Shots, The Big O and the Smoking Cold that are worth visiting.  One should definitely try their various sushi and Paani-poori all displayed under Food Shots. There are various other tiny bites which keep on moving on a conveyer belt. One can have large chunks of turkey pieces onto their plate which is present next to the Food Shots counter. You can either make your turkey alcoholic or non-alcoholic one as per your choice of sauces- Giblet/Cranberry, which will be an addition to the celebration.

The Crab Sushi

 The Paani Poori

The Turkey 

Turkey served with choice of your sauces-Giblet/Cranberry

One can try their hands at making pizza. The thin crust surmounted with flavoured toppings resembled a home-made pizza and tasted great. Both veg and non-veg pizza are available.

Thin crust cheeze burst pizza

Have tried their wide spread salads and soups which are friendly to the palate. The main course comprises of a wide variety of dishes and is pretty good. The Singaporean fish head and the duck curry were my favourites from the lot. Palak kofta curry, Roast potato and wild mushroom lasagna are few of the vegetarian’s choices.

Singaporean Fish Head curry

Roasted pecking duck in red Thai curry

Murgh Dum Biryani

Achari Aaloo Masala

It’s time to tickle our taste buds with some desserts. Flavoured ice cream smashed with liquid nitrogen will get to your attraction. There are small cakes, brownies, “Jalebis” and “Halwa” too. You can pick as per your choice.

Angoori Gulab Jamun

Paan Flavored nitrogen infused ice-cream

If it’s your birthday, then Flechazo’s team will complete your day by their live performance. So why wait, head towards Flechazo’s door and I’m sure you are going to ask for more!

Celebration till January1st, so hurry!

Available at reasonable prices: Non-Veg: 600+tax and Veg: 500+tax

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