Bring a collection of products that reflect the beauty, culture, and tradition of India with Bodhimaram

Know how the partnership of mom-daughter duo was created over a confluence of passions.

The Bodhimaram is a new name in the suburbs of the fashion market that is working towards bringing forth the beauty and diversity of India through its aesthetically designed products. It boasts of the intricate temple jewelry and elegant sarees that contains the true essence of India. The venture was conceived in 2010 and started blossoming in 2017. Under the aegis of its founder, Aishwarya Kannan, Bodhimaram strives to grow to capture the indigenous beauty of India.

In a tete-a-tete with Aishwarya, she frankly spoke about her vision and mission-

  • Please introduce our readers to The Bodhi Maram?

Aishwarya: The Bodhi Maram- Version 2.0 is in all honesty cofounded by a mother-daughter duo. It first came into existence in 2010 but 2018 became the right time for it to grab the stage. It meandered its way through the years to establish itself as a brand.

The Bodhimaram presents a wide range of curated products to the customers. It has a range of opulent jewelry- necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc- and the collection of vibrant sarees adorned with artfully cast Ganesha and Lakshmi motifs. products, BananiVissta

  • How and when did the thought strike you to embark on this journey of The Bodhi Maram 2.0?

Aishwarya: The Bodhi Maram kickstarted in the year 2010. It was meant to be a marketplace for artists to come and build their businesses. It was also at the same time that I switched over to the IT world, which was very exciting and challenging to my young self.

After almost a decade of corporate and startup experience, I was still in search of that ‘one thing’ I am passionate about and something that would also help me earn a living. While trying to solve the biggest riddle of my life at the time, I realized that I was finally ready to revive the brand this year.

Only this time, I decided to not make it a marketplace and to not do it alone. I wasn’t proactively looking for a partner, simply wishing I had one. And serendipitously, I found one. In my mother! The partnership was created over a confluence of our passions. products, BananiVissta

  • What was your objective behind while coming up with this venture?

Aishwarya: India is a culturally country with abundant diversity that stimulates our senses. I was always intrigued by its innate beauty. I was keen on bringing to the fore the vast, unimaginable and incredible works of artists across India. The desire to explore the colorful world of Indian artisans and love for the Indian culture inspired me heavily to go ahead with The Bodhimaram.

  • Your effort in bringing forth the indigenous culture is praiseworthy. Have you faced any set of challenges while setting up The Bodhi Maram?

Aishwarya: Like many small businesses, we too have faced hurdles. Be it finding artists and suppliers or figuring out the Social Media maze, it has been a journey filled with tiny bumps. While my mother is not tech-savvy, I am a very shy person. So, being on social media was not without its hiccups. Having said that, I would like to admit that we’ve had a roller coaster fun ride that has also been a great learning experience and I can say with pride that we have figured out at least about 68% of what Instagram and Facebook have to offer. We love connecting with our clients on Instagram and Facebook and do not find these platforms intimidating anymore.products, BananiVissta

  • How does The Bodhi Maram stand apart from its contemporaries?

Aishwarya: We believe we are very ‘desi’ / Indian not just in our (label) name, but also in our ethos and would continue to reflect the same as we expand the inventory in the near future. We choose to differentiate ourselves from the competitors through our customer service and quality & price. While our endeavor is always going to be to provide the best quality at most affordable prices, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible purchasing experience.products, BananiVissta

  • You have just begun your journey. Where do you it in the next few years?

Aishwarya: Currently, we retail sarees and 92.5 sterling silver jewelry, carefully and thoroughly curated by us.

As for the near future, The Bodhi Maram is focused on expanding its inventory. This means that begin to design exclusive collections of a variety of products while continuing to curate other beautiful collections. We would also like to launch a website and ensure easy purchasing options are made available to our clients. Plans have been made. Wheels have been set in motion. Currently, we are trying to enjoy the experience as much as we can.

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