Breastfeeding Is A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

 Purest Emotion

Breastfeeding is one of the purest emotions between a mother and a baby.  This is an association which is fruitful in many ways.  It provides nourishment to the baby as breast milk is the best food for the babies; it forms a pure bond between the mother and her baby which is indescribable.  Personally, I have fed both my kids and they have been blessed with strong, healthy kids with very good immunity and strength.


The Purest Emotional Bond

The Purest Emotional Bond


Benefits of Breastfeeding

The benefits of breastfeeding are many.

  • Breast milk contains antibodies which help the baby fight the viruses and bacteria and build a strong immunity.
  • It lowers the risk of allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases, and diarrhea in the babies.
  • It’s the best way to bond with your babies.
  • Breastfed babies have stronger bones and fewer problems with weight.

Having said the above benefits, Breastfeeding comes with several challenges.  Majority of the new moms find it quite uncomfortable during the first few days to accommodate with breastfeeding.


Benefits of Breastfeeding

Benefits of Breastfeeding


New moms/first-time moms face a lot of challenges during breastfeeding. Here are some breastfeeding tips and latching tips for new moms:


  • The important first hour: Try to feed within the first hour of birth.  The first milk known as colostrum is very vital for the new-born babies.  Feeding within an hour or the same day is a bit difficult in case of moms who have a cesarean section.  But they can start feeding at the earliest.


  • Give it some time: Sometimes it takes 2-3 days for milk to come properly.  The new moms shouldn’t get disheartened or feel guilty if sufficient milk supply is not there on the first 2-3 days.


  • Demand feeding: New-born babies need to be fed on demand.  This can be around 10-12 times a day or even more.  Whenever the baby demands, at whatever time, the mom should breastfeed the baby.  The baby indicates by crying, searching for nipple or putting his hand in the mouth.  This is a very important breastfeeding tip for all first-time mothers.  Most of the new mothers have a lot of confusion regarding when to feed the baby.


  • More is better: Remember the more you feed, the more milk is produced.  So, the breastfeeding journey becomes smoother the more you breastfeed your baby.


  • Stress is bad mama: Do not get stressed out.  Stress has an impact on milk production.  Simply go in a quiet place and feed your baby in peace.  This is one important breastfeeding tip for a new mom who is tired and stressed out.


  • Additions: Sometimes despite all efforts, the milk production is less.  In that case, seek the lactation consultant’s help.  He/she might prescribe some additions in diet and herbal medicines for milk production.


  • Take care of yourself mommy: A new mom needs to stay well hydrated.  Drink a lot of water and liquids like milk, buttermilk, juices to stay hydrated.  Eat well.  Also, continue taking the supplements prescribed by the gynecologist.  A new mother’s body goes through a lot and hence she needs to take care of herself.


  • Don’t neglect one breast: Feed from both the breasts.  Alternate each breast every 15-20 minutes.  Sometimes due to constant feeding from one breast moms face the problem of cracked and sore nipples.


  • Warm compresses: If there is breast engorgement or blocked milk duct, apply warm compresses and try pumping milk in between feeds.


  • Be positive, be happy: Seek positive support from family, friends, and groups.  Stay away from negativity.  From my own experience, I would say staying positive is the breastfeeding tip for the new mothers.


These are a few breastfeeding tips for the first-time mothers.  Eventually, the journey becomes easy.




Breastfeeding Latching Tips:

Seek the help of lactation consultant and nurses in the hospital.  They will guide on the proper way of latching and also guide you with dos and don’ts of breastfeeding.  Follow these tips for proper latching:

  • Position the baby right for easy feeding. There are support pillows available for comfortable breastfeeding positions. 
  • Hold the baby’s head well and ensure that his mouth covers the areola of the breast for feeding.


Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading and noted the points mentioned above.  I would like to conclude saying, 



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