Fujifilm’s Runs Pink Ribbon Campaign For Breast Cancer Awareness

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare facilities. It’s clinically proven products and technologies are constantly evolving to help medical professionals perform more effectively and efficiently.


According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in India. For every two women diagnosed with the disease, one succumbs to it. It accounts for 14 percent of all cancers and its incidence is on the rise among women in their early 30s owing to sedentary lifestyles, genetics, dietary changes and family history of cancer.


Reinforcing its commitment towards healthcare and the disease, Fujifilm understands that timely screening for prevention is critical to early diagnosis and treatment. Staying true to create awareness for the cause, it has been making concerted efforts to contribute to the early detection and treatment of breast cancer through the promotion of the Pink Ribbon Campaign. The company’s revolutionary techniques and wealth of experience have enabled them to come up with high-precision ancancer, bananivisstad high-resolution mammography devices.


According to a report by WHO, Mammograms have been shown to reduce breast cancer mortality by around 20% in women by prior detection. Modern day digital mammography machines with tomosynthesis such as the Fujifilm’s 50 Micron digital Mammography – Amulet Innovality are able to detect cancers early and involve very little radiation, even less than a standard chest X-ray.


Fujifilm’s holistic and comprehensive approach to improving women healthcare with digital mammography has driven 3,400 happy users across the world, amongst them 32 installations are in India. They have partnered with different institutes all over India for the installation of its 50 Micron 3D Mammography machine – a highly advanced breast cancer diagnostic machine that has made early detection of breast cancer a reality for women.


Fujifilm is focusing on the Full Field Digital Mammography market and taking proactive steps to improve the early detection rate by conducting symposiums and spreading awareness. The company is installing mammography units in mobile vans to generate awareness to the masses and screening women with potential risk of breast related diseases, one such example is Indian Cancer Institute at Delhi.


With its continuous efforts, the company has been conducting patient awareness programs in association with hospitals like Tata Memorial Centre ACTREC, NM medical Mumbai, Action Balaji cancer hospital Delhi, SRMC Chennai, Shankara Cancer Hospital Bangalore.


Fujifilm believes in enabling doctors with next-generation technology that allows them to go beyond conventional knowledge, which can help save lives and encourage patients to become more engaged in their own care.

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