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Book Review: The Three Psychos by Yash Pawaskar

Book Review: The Three Psychos by Yash Pawaskar

Author: Yash Pawaskar

Publication: Dimple Publications.


The Three Psychos- Yash Pawaskar

The Three Psychos- Yash Pawaskar


Book Cover: The cover of the book is kept simple. There are no illustrations and has been given a dark background with a red frame. The cover could have been better and catchy that could have been relatable with the three interesting stories that the book talks about.


About the Book: The genre of the book is a Psychological thriller which comprises of three intriguing stories.  The stories are led by the protagonists namely- Alex, Amol and Akash.


The first story “DE22912” is a story of Alexander Silva who has been described as a rude, spoilt brat. He is into alcohol, drugs, infidelity, ill-mannered and into everything that can be termed as “bad”. One day he woke up only to find that he was enclosed in a white box, naked. He tried hard but couldn’t remember his past neither had an idea of his future.  The one thing that he could remember was the number DE22912 but alas! He was finding it hard to break the code. He was served food and water in the box, sleep became the only companion and he started dreaming about insane and horrible things.


“Patient No.9” is the second story that takes the readers to an asylum where we find our second protagonist, Amol, who was identified as “Patient No.9”. He found himself under the treatment with no collection of the past. On being asked, the doctor informed him that they were trying to treat him of his usual paranoia. Amol was made to believe by his imaginative alien friend, Shahenshah that there is going to be an alien attack on the earth and he must save the people by sending a signal via a transmitter with the help of his alien friend.


The third story “Six Bullets” revolves around a 16-year old boy, Akash, who hates bullies. His father was a policeman who every night used to come home in a drunken state and start abusing him and his mother. On his 16th birthday, he couldn’t tolerate more and decided to put an end. This is when he took the fully loaded revolver and shot the six bullets.


Will Alex be able to decode the number DE22912? Will Amol ever be able to go back to his normal world or will get stuck with his imagination? What made Akash to press the trigger of the gun? What will be his future?  To unleash answers to these questions you should read this compelling book.


The Best Part: The language used in this book is simple and easy to understand. The stories are short and crisp. The presentation of the story is quite appreciable. The characters were well described that comes up a lesson towards the end through their deeds.


The Not-so good part: Apart from the cover design, the book is a good read. The first and the second story resemble each other in context to memory lapse but being given different story plots and message at the end, both the stories has its own importance.


Overall the book is recommended if you want to read something offbeat.

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