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Have you written a new book? Don’t you wish your book should reach to your readers?  Proper marketing and Book Promotion is the answer to the above question. No matter how good you write but without proper promotion, the goal to reach your readers would be quite difficult. Through Book promotion, an author can tell the prospective readers about the existence of the book. This also tells why the readers would read your book and from where they can purchase it.

Many of our authors think that promotion is not their job. However, they are unaware of the fact that book promotion is the key to driving their sales too. Traditional publishers may help with some promotional activities but not many. On the other hand, self- publishing ones don’t help much. This is when BananiVista, the digital magazine comes into the picture.

We understand the needs of the author, the genre of the book, the target audience, the geography and many more promotional aspects that are of our prime interest to carry out the book promotion. The better an author knows their product and its audiences, the easier it will be to outreach to readers and generate sales. BananiVistaan Online Magazine starts with the process before the author holds the published book in their hands; it starts during the planning stage. When an author is ready to sell their book, they would like to choose publicity, marketing and promotional support services to fit their product, platform and goals. Our online magazine provides not only marketing services but also guide the author to reach the audiences.

Our book promotion services include the following:

  • Author Promotion:

    One of the most important steps in promoting the book is to build strong, personal connections with the media. One can establish themselves as an author by appealing to the right audience and generating more buzz about the book. If you are a new author in the industry, highlighting the personal credentials and background of the book as much as you can help in promoting your book. We can help you with media outlets- local news outlets, such as radio stations, newspapers, Digital magazines, and Ezine and TV stations.


  • Book Reviews: BananiVista provides the readers an authentic review which gives the reader a concise summary of the content. It includes the reactions of a reviewer. The reviewers provide a review in our digital magazine, Amazon and Good reads.


  • Blog Tour:

    Book Blog Tours is one of the services that most of the new generation authors are opting for. If you don’t have a publicist then finding blogs relevant to the topic of the book can participate in the blog tour. Each Blog tour should comprise of a manageable amount of blogs as the tour requires a significant amount of time from the author. The content of the blog should vary depending on the type of blogging- it may be a content to be posted or a video interview, podcast or a live session with the author.


  • Events:

    Our digital magazine also helps the authors to connect with their readers through live events. We do Book promotions through Live interviews, Contests, Book signing events, reading sessions and Book launch.


  • Social Media:

    We at BananiVistaan Online Magazine also promote the book. Book promotion will be done in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus.


If you are planning to write a book or have already written a book, then shoot us an email to enjoy our services:contact@bananivista.com