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Book Review: The Romantic Thriller “11 Hours”

                        The Debut Novel of Daniel Paul Singh: “11 Hours”


Book Name: 11 Hours

Author: Daniel Paul Singh

Publisher: Write India Publishers

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Cover of the Book: The Book Cover illustrating eyes of a female with the title “11 Hours” is quite captivating. It creates an interest in the minds of the readers to grab the book.

11 Hours-Romantic Thriller

11 Hours-Romantic Thriller


The Story: This engaging romantic thriller is authored by young and dynamic writer, Daniel Paul Singh. The book “11 Hours” is his debut novel which is published by Write India Publishers and released on 18 October 2017.

Daniel Paul Singh-author of 11 Hours

Daniel Paul Singh-author of 11 Hours


The story takes you to the interior parts of Chennai. One will get to know the typical minds of the inhabitants which are portrait well. The story has many twists and turns which tends the reader to think and insist the reader to hook till the end.


The story is of a Christian guy Robin who leads a happy life with his wife, Diana. Although they had an arranged marriage and initially they both disliked each other, the duo end up being a happily married couple. Things changed when one day Diana is found missing,  leaves Robin waiting for her return from office. It was then when Robin goes out in search of her and couldn’t find any clue of her kidnap until he receive a call from the “Loser”.


In his quest for her search, Robin is fortunate to have his best friend’s help, Prabhu. Prabhu with his technical skills managed to start the adventurous journey with Robin. They found that Robin’s moves are being monitored by the Loser who asks Robin to find Brindha, his college crush.


Both the men try hard to untie the suspicious knot around only to save Diana. The author takes the reader into an mysterious journey which almost take their lives. Those 11 hours Robin couldn’t even trust on Prabhu neither on his own shadow.  However, the story ends with a twist. Will Robin save Diana’s life? Will Prabhu break Robin’s trust? Delve into the world of adventure, fantasy, greed, love and romance through the book “11 Hours”.


Not so good part: The book no doubt succeeds in creating interest in the minds of the reader however felt few of the conversations and descriptions could have been avoided which made the book a lengthy one. It would have been more good if the story would be a refined one. Considering this book as author’s debut novel, the book is a nice read.


The book is available in both paperback and kindle version.

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