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Nikhil Shrivastava’s Debut Book: Because You Need This!

Book cover: The design of the book is enticing. It resonates with the content that the author has spoken about. The cover interprets the author being the answers to all the frequently asked questions by the teenagers.


Nikhil Shrivastava's Because you need this!

Nikhil Shrivastava’s Because you need this!


About the book: The book “Because you need this!” is a self-guided book. Written by a young and a passionate writer “Nikhil Shrivastava”, the book is an answer to a lot of questions he kept asking growing up. And he found the answers in his journey through his experiences and also learned about them with the support of many people that came across in his life.


The author has written about the most discussed topics and delivers the message in the form of his personal experiences and short stories. It’s a good read for the teenagers who are all loaded with valuable questions once they enter the real world. Teenagers always have numerous questions regarding their passion, career, money, success and this book has answered it all.


The book talks about the importance of having a passion along with honing our abilities. According to the author, having a passion that drives one’s soul should be there in our heart but one cannot deny the value of abilities.


Let's have a look at the book

Let’s have a look at the book


The book also describes the importance of “Peace” in one’s life. In our busy lives, one forgets to live in the moment thinking about the future. The book talks about doing the magical things in life- sharing happiness, laughing out loud, relishing the journey and believing in one’s dreams.


The author also described the much-discussed topic among teenagers- “Love”. The author beautifully crafted his views on loving someone through a short story. He stressed on the point that one has to love oneself before confessing the love for other.


It also talked about the definition of “Success”. The author advised the readers to find out their own definition of success irrespective of the textbook’s definition. The author also made a point of being self-independent and asks the readers to manage everything on their own.


Life is hard, it’s the truth. Life comprises of challenges and hardships but the trick is we shouldn’t give attention to the negatives in spite the author suggested to look at the brighter side which will affect greatly in changing one’s life.


The book also describes regarding the death, time, destiny, money and the advantages of travel. It also talks about the difference between investment and contribution and concludes by stressing on the point that one should make the best of each day by living it in full zeal.


The best part: Being the debut book and written by a teenager, it has its amateur language. The content is compact and easy to understand. Few of the chapters end with “Takeaways” or tips which help the readers to have a glimpse of the whole topic within minutes.


Not so good part: Even though having a good content, few of the chapters can be more concise. This could make the book more promising.


Availability: Overall, the book is a nice read and you can get your copy via Amazon. The book is also available in countries such as India, Germany, UK, US, France, Italy and Spain.


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