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Travels are becoming adventurous on Bikes-Enjoy a spirited travel with Bikester Global

Take a Bike tour with Bikester Global

Exploring different places and cultures open up a person. Traveling is an education in itself. Being passionate bikers Bikerster Global love to explore places mostly on their motorcycles. BikesterGlobal believes that travel truly inspires a person. There are so many terrains and beautiful destinations on the globe that are a biker’s paradise! However, one needs to put their effort doing a lot of research and planning when they want to take up a bike trip, especially for the international trips.

BikesterGlobal is India’s only booking platform exclusively for motorcycle tours. We are continuously working towards enabling bikers to explore India and International destinations on motorcycles. Presently, we have expeditions in 12 destinations and will have expeditions in 50+ countries in the next 6 months. Have a look at what we do:

In an exclusive interview with BananiVissta, Bikester Global shares about their venture, their passion, and their future plans.


Hasan Kakal and Atikulla Merchant are at the helm of the company, Bikester Global. Born in a business family, Hasan went to pursue his master’s in Business Administration. His experience in market research and sales provides him with excellent business acumen.  His passion for travel and love for a motorcycle led him to quit his day job and start On the other hand, Atikulla comes with an expertise in Information Technology. His experience in working with startups and running a successful consulting business gives him enough exposure to understand the need of the hour. Being a biker himself, he understands the need of his fellow bikers and hence developed


Bikester Global started in October 2017 and launched in February 2018. A lot of operational and research work was put in during these months to make BikesterGlobal a reality. Their primary objective is to simplify the process of exploring the world on a bike or a motorcycle.

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Travel on Bikes nationally and internationally

BV: What are the challenges you faced and how do you overcome them?

Bikester Global: We tie up with local guides and vendors in different countries. Getting them in a standard operating structure is a slow process and takes a great deal of patience, due to the complications of time-zone differences, no face-to-face contact, language barriers, technology issues and having different ways of conducting business in different countries. Having no prior knowledge of global business standards, we learned during the process.


BV: How did you get your first 5 customers?

Bikester Global: We do a mix of both, online and offline marketing. However, we do not put much effort into marketing. It was like people were just waiting for something like this. We got our first 5 customers in the first month of launch. In fact, our first 2 customers referred us to their friends even before taking the trip with us.


BV: How different is your travel start-up from the rest which is already in the same business?

Bikester Global: If a person wants to explore any destination on a motorcycle, there is a lot of confusion s/he faces. It’s an unorganized market. There are so many vendors, all have different packages, different formats of itineraries, language barriers, delayed response, etc. On our platform, all the packages are listed in a standard format which makes it super easy for a traveler to compare and select.

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Travel on a bike

BV: Highlight on the types of Packages you provide. Do you do customized packages, if yes, please share?

Bikester Global: We have 3 types of tours namely Self-Guided Tour, Guided Tour, and Scheduled Tour.


Self Guided tour: This is for the ones who would like to do it themselves. We plan the entire route, book accommodation, and activities; suggest things to do, places to see and cuisines to try. The rider gets a motorcycle with a preprogrammed GPS which will help them to navigate through the panned travel.


Guided tour: Perfect for a private group. Along with everything that is mentioned in self-guided, there will be a road captain throughout the tour to show you around and a backup vehicle to fit in your luggage and take care of mechanical breakdowns.


Scheduled tour: This type of tour is for the ones who would love to socialize. This one is same as a guided tour and it’s open for people all over the world to join. It is a good way to explore and make new friends. This scheduled tour is preferred by solo travelers, couples, and groups up to 4 people.

Guided tours and self-guided tours are customized ones.


BV:  Does your tour packages comprises of accommodation and transportation too?

Bikester Global: Yes. All tours include accommodation and a motorcycle. However, Transport to and from the start /end point is not included. However, if requested, that is also arranged at an extra charge.

bike, BananiVissta

Enjoy the terrains on a bike

BV: What are the places you have covered so far in India?

Bikester Global: In India, we have tours in Ladakh, Spiti, Himachal, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Gujarat, and Goa.


BV:  What marketing tools have you opted to reach to your customers?

Bikester Global: We do a mix of online and offline marketing. We have also had an affiliate program for Motovloggers, Motobloggers, and companies who are into businesses related to motorcycles.


BV: What are your future goals with this travel start-up?

Bikester Global: Currently we are bootstrapped and it is going pretty well. For the next few months, we are concentrating on collecting data to understand our initial customers better and make improvements if required. We are also working on building corporate experiences for companies looking for adventure travel for their employees.

In the future, we aim to be the most preferred booking platform globally. When anybody, from any place in the world, thinks about doing a bike trip, BikesterGlobal is the website s/he will log in to.


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