The place for gourmands- Big Pitcher

The place for gourmands – Big Pitcher


Big Pitcher

The trend of the craft brewery is fast pacing amongst the city crowd. Bangalore has got its one of the biggest craft brewery and brew pub, Big Pitcher located on Old Airport road which offers a wide variety of beers, cocktails, and mocktails. Big Pitcher has got an exquisite space comprising of six floors with an outlandish food and drinks menu. Each floor (Big Pitcher, Club Kahuna, Splitwood, Sizzling Street, Star Lounge and Studio 4121) has got its own essence of delivering a distinctive gastronomic service.

If you want to groove, want to enjoy the trolley buffet, and would love to enjoy sizzlers and sea food with customized marinate-Big Pitcher have it all for you. Let me take you through Splitwood – East on food, West on mood. As the tagline suggests, Splitwood comprises of wooden decors and the cowboy accessories displayed on the big wall facing the entrance gives the feeling of the west end.

As I have mentioned earlier, this craft brewery has got a diverse menu, hence I preferred,  to begin with, the cocktails and mocktails along with some crunchy starters.

  • Tricky Mickey and Good Omen: If you want a refreshing drink with sweetening effects, Good Omen and Tricky Wicky would be a good choice.

  • Mango Bango: Prepared by crushing ice, mango puree, aam panna for all the mango lovers, this mango season.

                                      Mango Bango

Cocktails in Big Pitcher have got a unique mix of different flavors. Here goes my personal favorites:

  • Son of a Beach: Fresh Kiwi is mixed with Vodka, Lemon and Mint Mudle surmounted with Cranberry juice.

             Son of a Beach

  • Beach Bumm: A great cocktail take you in time. A blend of Malibu, Vodka, Hazelnut, Perfect match with fresh original tender coconut served with Shell.

  • High Seas adventure: A combination of vodka vanilla and coconut milk served in a earthen pot with yellow flower.

  • Special Whiskey: A treat to the soul, I must say.


Not to worry, along with the drinks one can have starters and main course to fill your tummy and make it happy. Check this out!

  • Prawn till yawn: Crispy threaded prawn with chili soya. Have a bite of this crunchy prawn paired with any of the above cocktails or mocktails.

                         Prawn till yawn

  • First Bite Chomps: Skewered quick fried chicken with habanera sauce. Don’t miss to lick the chicken with this amazing sauce. It’s a must!

  • Kanchin Baby corn: Enjoy the hot crispy fried sweet baby corn and spinach with the range of craft beers.


  • Yasai Tempura Moria wase : Seasonal vegetables, lightly battered and deep fried.

Not but the last, Splitwood also offers main course and desserts. The main course offers rice/noodles with paneer and fish. Below I would recommend for the main course and dessert. Have a look at those:

  • Southwest Pasta: Marinated chicken breast, penne pasta, alfredo sauce and fajita vegetables.


  • Chocolate Fudge: End your meal with the dark chocolate walnut fudge.

Don’t forget to taste the varieties of Pizza here. “Naanza”, the Indian version of pizza received my appreciation. Squeeze the lemon and sprinkle the chopped chilies and enjoy!


                               The Naanza!

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