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The 5 Best Food Joints One Must Visit In Udaipur, Rajasthan!

Explore What & Where To Eat In Udaipur- A Quick Gastronomic Guide


Food in the “City of Lakes-Udaipur” comes up with a twist of mind-boggling spices of Rajasthan. Udaipur known for its royal heritage has some amazing street food joints that serve everything from Daal Baati, Kachori, Dabeli, to Mirchi Badas depicting the cultural lifestyle through their food.


This list will help every foodie explore the best of delicious street food in Udaipur without missing out on any taste.



  • Manoj Prakash Centre

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Daal Baati has always been an Authentic Rajasthani Dish for years now and is a combination of hard wheat rolls i.e. baati and lentils i.e. Daal. When visiting Udaipur Daal Poori and Daal Baati is one such thing that you will find at almost every other stall but to get the best of its taste, visit the Manoj Prakash Centre on the Lake Palace Road near Gulab Bagh that serves a splendid bowl of Daal along with Baatis or Pooris.



  • Gudduz

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One hygienic way to munch in the street foods in Udaipur is to have them from the Udaipur’s Food Trucks that have been on an upsurge these days in the city. The Gudduz is a Vegan food truck which has been the grist for the gossip mill as they serve dishes like Veg Meat Tikka, Veg Mutton Biryani (spicy cooked rice with lots of vegetables). Plants and grains are cooked by them in such a way that it tastes exactly like meat. Find this outstanding truck standing at the Bombay Chowpati on the Sukhadia circle.



  • Jaiwana Haveli Rooftop Restaurant

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Exploring the natural scenery demands a tummy full with delicious food for breakfast. This rooftop restaurant located on the Pichola Lake waterfront shows the perfect sun gleaming against the water and is one of the best places to have breakfast in Udaipur. On its menu are platters like the Namaste Breakfast which includes fresh farm eggs, honey, paranthas, etc.



  • Sharmila’s Kitchen

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No matter what we eat, the hunger of Indians is satisfied only through hot daal roti and vegetables. Homemade food centre of Udaipur are the best places that provide nutritious food to the tourists, Sharmila’s Kitchen being one of the best among them. She prepares veg as well as non-veg food and her family might also accompany you when you are visiting her house alone.

Find her at Sector 13, Hiran Magri.



  • Shastri Sweets

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The flavours of the Golden City of Rajasthan are incomplete without the tastes of Udaipur’s Famous sweets. Visit the Shastri Sweet Shop established around 40 years ago, to relish the Rajasthani sweets like Rajasthani Ghewar, Mewa Kachori, Balu Shahi, Badaam Halwa.


Once done visiting the architectural beauty and munching in the exquisite food, end your day and relieve your stomach by eating the juicy minty and sweet Meetha pan at the Bansi Panwala that serves paan to the city for about 50 years now.


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