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 Beauty Products One should Buy This Season- 3 Must-Haves in your Skin-Care Collection

Give your skin a healthy and beautiful touch with these beauty products

Beauty is not only about pricey make-up products but prioritizing our skin to healthy and natural products for a longer period of time. Be it fighting for the ever-increasing pollution levels in the atmosphere or tired trying those kitchen hacks to get a whitened armpit. The market is full of products and we tend to fall for distractions which results in hazardous effects. Hence we always need to choose products based on the ingredients keeping in mind the solution it provides. I have come up with 3 secrets to the glowing and healthy skin for this party season.

Say “No” to Dark and underarms warts:

We often tend to shy away whenever we go sleeveless or flaunt our underarms. It is because of those dark armpits or unnecessary warts. There are various chemicals in the market which claim to whiten this area but most of it comes with few side-effects. Many try the natural home remedies but if you don’t have the luxury of time then won’t it be great if the solution comes in a pack.

beauty, bananivista

Brighten your underarms with Qraa

The leading natural cosmetics company, Qraa revisits the ancient wisdom from the Vedas and combines them with today’s fast-growing technology. They prefer using the natural and herbal ingredients over the chemical-based, synthetic and cruel animal tested animals. Each of their products is a mix of different herbs in order to protect, heal and enhance the face, body, and hair.

On the similar lines, Qraa has introduced its new Qraa Lacto Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream which helps in removing rashes, black spots, and warts from the underarms for a smooth and good-looking skin. It is suitable for all skin types and helps in enhancing the complexion.

5 Reasons why I Opted for Qraa Lacto Advanced Underarm Whitening Cream for my underarms:

Glow Your Skin Naturally: The product is free from artificial ingredients like Paraben, artificial colours and mock fragrances delivering the solution in a much more natural way.
Recast Your Underarms: It has Vit.B3 which is essential for our skin. This vitamin is a multi-tasker and can remove dark spots, reduce wrinkles, uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. No wonder why Qraa helps in recasting our underarms.
Get Rid of Irritation: Majority of the products in markets, though claim to solve the problem of lightening our underarms they do cause irritation on the application. Since Qraa comprises of natural ingredients, undoubtedly it can reduce the melanin production in our body but soothes the skin without causing any skin irritation resulting in the lighter and fairer skin.
Nourish Your Skin: Qraa not only helps to whiten the skin but also deeply nourishes it. The presence of Aloe Vera Extracts, Lavender Oil, Glycerin, Vitamin E and Kojic Acid helps the skin to breathe and foster. Experts suggest to apply it twice a day for best results.
Product Availability and Cost: The product comes in a white flip tube and helps rejuvenate our skin in the underarms we always wished for. It costs Rs. 200/- for 50 grams and is available in online and offline stores. For best offers please visit


Why not create a shield for your skin from pollution?

Oshea Herbals is known for its diverse beauty care products. With the rising pollution, I was worried about my skin. Not knowing which products to choose in the market as it is already flooded with so many creams and lotions. One of my friends introduced me to Oshea Herbals and oh boy! I started loving the products. One of the products is the new Carrot Shield Anti-Pollution Day Cream with SPF-15.

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Oshea Carrotshield

4 Reasons why I opt carrots for my skin

Nourish your skin with carrots: Comes with the benefits of carrot extracts, it helps in preventing our skin from the devastating effects of pollution. In addition, it also helps as a sunscreen as it comes with a Sun Protection Factor. It is suitable for all skin types and enriches with the goodness of Ayurveda.

Long Lasting Effect: The cream has a long-lasting impact all day long. This prevents the skin from the harmful rays of the sun causing sunburn. It deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin leaving the skin hydrated, softer and smoother.

All goodness of Nature: The carrot shield anti-pollution day cream comprises of all natural ingredients- Carrot Seed Oil, Babchi Seed Oil, Apricot Kernal Oil, Bees Wax, and Licorice Extracts.

Product Availability and Cost: The product comes in a white and maroon container and is quite appealing. It is a desirable product one can buy at just Rs. 360/- for 50 grams. It is available in all online and offline stores. One can buy directly from


Rock this party season with glowing and radiant skin by Astaberry’s Glamour Plus

With the party season stepping in, all we want an instant brightness or glow to our skin. The fashion hacks from the kitchen sometimes get messy but no worry as it time to get glamorous with Astaberry’s Glamour Plus by Astaberry Biosciences. It compliments all skin types and acts as magic for glowing and charismatic skin.
Astaberry’s Glamour Plus helps the skin to glow in a healthy way. It is a revolutionary beauty crème which delivers an instant radiance and smoothness to the skin. The hydrating molecules present in the product makes the skin soft and supple. Clean your face before applying it.

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Glamour Plus for instant brightness

It acts as a powder which keeps the fairness and fashionable quotient at the top. The powder component helps in maintaining our fairness levels and moisture content of our skin delivering a beautiful look all day long.

Comes in a pink flip tube with a black cap is alluring. The product provides a matter and non-oily look delivering an instantaneous luminosity and sheen. It is an exceptional powder cream which is highly effective and comes at just Rs.165 for 25 grams available both online and offline stores. Visit for best offers and added convenience.

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