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Try Out the New Quirky Menu of Bengaluru Baking Company, JW Marriott Hotel

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How about binging on savories and drinks from different parts of India under a single roof, sounds interesting, isn’t it? This place would be ideal for coffee and tea lovers. Not only this, their style and presentation can win many hearts. You can accompany your friend or schedule your next business meeting, Bengaluru Baking Company at JW Marriott Hotel can be one of the choicest of places in the heart of the city. BBC has recently launched an all-new menu comprising of beverages, desserts, snacks that are exclusive and exquisite with great detailing dished out to each and every offering on the menu. 

Bangalore Baking Company

Bangalore Baking Company

BBC has an outlandish menu where it provides quirky names to each and every dish of theirs. The thought process and creativity that one has put to create a varied menu and its presentation is impressive. Let me take you through the different aromas of BBC kitchen!

Many people don’t like to have green tea because of its bitter taste even though it delivers multiple health benefits. Want to shed off those extra kilos or trying to keep a check on your blood sugar, green tea is the answer. But alas! the taste turns everyone down. BBC’s handpicked single estate champagne teas are a must try. I tried the Green Tea Apple Cinnamon which I highly recommend. It is a digestive and a mouth refresher. What best about this elixir was it tasted light and not bitter in taste. In fact, the taste of cinnamon gives you the freshness and energize your senses. 

Green Tea Apple Cinnamon, Menu, BananiVista

Green Tea Apple Cinnamon

If you love cold coffees and iced teas then BBC also has specialties to offer you the best. Their Chikmagalur coffee unlikely is not served with ice on the top rather comes with frozen coffee cubes served with flavored milk. There is no fright of getting your ice dissolved. You can sit, relax, knit conversations over your cold coffee.

Chikmagalur coffee, Menu, BananiVista

Chikmagalur coffee

Chikmagalur coffee, Menu, BananiVista

Chikmagalur coffee.

Grab a plate of salad if you want to munch on something fresh which I’m sure can’t be better than to have BBC Classic Ceasar Salad. A mix of anchovies, caesar dressing, bacon, parmesan toppings with focaccia bread tastes heavenly. Not to mention the fresh romaine lettuce being used was an icing on the cake.

Classic Ceasar Salad, Menu, BananiVista

Classic Ceasar Salad

We Indians are proud of our teas and coffees. How can we not mention about our Darjeeling and Assam Teas when we talk about our classic breweries? Seeing the rising temperature outside I wanted to have a chilled drink to quench my thirst. What can be better than the Passion Fruit Iced Tea, which is cold pressed Darjeeling Tea infused with passion fruit? This drink comes with the sweetness of the passion fruit but I suggest sipping it fast or you may lose the taste in the tasteless chunks of ice.

Passion Fruit Iced Tea, Menu, BananiVista

Passion Fruit Iced Tea

If you are here in BBC around snack time, grabbing a sandwich would be a good idea. If you are a non-vegetarian, Chicken and cheese sandwich can be a go. BBC uses a panini ( a whole bread) rather than a sliced one. They grilled the bread stuffed with gruyere cheese, shredded chicken and remoulade served with a leafy vegetable, rucola served adds a peppery flavour to your palate. 

Chicken and cheese sandwich, Menu, BananiVista

Chicken and cheese sandwich

Vegetarians not to worry, BBC has specials for you too. One can try their Batata Vada served with fried green chili, garlic, and mint  chutney. Spice it up this Monsoon with these tasty Vadas!

Batata Vada, Menu, BananiVista

Batata Vada

After having a blowout who doesn’t want to have a cuppa? BBC also offers a range of coffee and teas served in their unique style. BBC offers coffee based on various techniques. You can choose either , pour over or a french press. If you are fond of tea, BBC impresses you by giving you a unique tea experience. Inspired by the roadside tea stall, commonly called as “Tapri” by the inhabitants of Mumbai, the elongated tea glasses comes in iconic wire mesh holder or in a cart with a decorated teapot and snacks. 

Syphon technique, menu

cup of coffee using Syphon technique

The Pour Over, Menu, BananiVista

The Pour Over

The Indian Chai!, Menu, BananiVista

The Indian Chai!

The Decor, Menu

The Decor

How about some Masala Tea!

How about some Masala Tea!

Select your coffee, BananiVista, Menu

Select your coffee

Select your tea, BananiVista, Menu

A wide range of teas!

A red velvet cake was served which I feel could have been better in its texture. However, I was drooled by the lemonade that appears as a guest on my table. Lomi Lomi, a mix of honey, ginger, and lime was perfect to the already satisfied tummy. 

Red Velvet- Menu, BananiVista

Red Velvet

Lomi Lomi, Menu, BananiVista

Lomi Lomi

Also one can dive into their microbrewery which is at their best. Don’t miss to check that out!


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