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Vasant by Two Rainbows – A pop-up based on Ayurveda cooking principles 

cooking, bananivissta
Do you know that Vasant or Spring is known as the king of all seasons? Because it’s the season of new – new flowers, new crop, new beginnings. And so, it’s the perfect time to announce something new – Two Rainbows by Amrita Kaur, which is a series of meal pop-ups based on Ayurveda cooking principles. And in the first one of the series, we’re celebrating Spring.
What to expect?
Upon registration, Amrita would inquire a couple of things from respective parties which will then educate her of their prakriti or body constitution. The homestyle lunch will feature fresh, in season and local produce. While most dishes will be tridoshik (balancing each of the three dosha – Vata Pitta Kapha), there will be a few dishes customized for individual dosha too for eg. something grounding for your Vata, cooling for your Pitta, and something warm and stimulating for your Kapha.
What’s on the menu?
Some of Amrita’s family recipes and a few popular recipes from her Instagram
– Santre aur tesu ki kheer to begin the meal with. (Yes, Ayurveda suggests that you eat your dessert first)
– Starters which will be customized to your dosha
– Sharing plates with seasonal produce – kulith hummus, emmer wheat sourdough crackers, cape gooseberry chutney, and pickled veggies
– Mains would be home-style lunch of three-grain tacos with jackfruit, baked daliya khichdi, dahi vadas and fresh seasonal sides
– Also on the menu – kanji, chaas, sherbets and tea to hydrate the body and enhance digestion
This will be an interactive lunch and she suggests everyone bring their appetite and curiosity along. 
Date: 10th March 2019
FeesINR 2800/- 
Phone: 9920480455
Venue: Amrita’s Home Kitchen, Versova (upon registration the questionnaire and address would be provided)

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