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A Chat With Author Novoneel Chakraborty, Loved For His Romantic Thriller Novels

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step.” This quote by Lao Tzu holds true in the case of Novoneel Chakroborty who left BBA during the 6th (last) semester to become a writer. His writes romantic thriller mixed with philosophy. He won the national bestseller after the release of his first novel “A Thing Beyond Forever” in 2008. His ‘The Stranger Trilogy’ is the most favourite of numerous readers. Here is an interview with this author as he shares some moments of his literary journey with BananiVista.


Novoneel Chakraborty

Novoneel Chakraborty


BV: When did writing start fascinating you?

Novoneel: I was in third year of my college when certain thoughts started coming to my mind. The more I tried to get rid of them by expressing them in the form of written stories, the more different characters and plots happened. I realized that perhaps this is something I want to do all my life.


BV: Any specific reason behind picking up Romantic Thriller as your genre?

Novoneel: I didn’t consciously pick up romantic thriller. When I was writing my debut book I realized that this comes out naturally through me. My writing inherently has that ‘Oh, what’s next’ quotient to it and with time I have only tried to hone it to the maximum.


BV: The Stranger Trilogy became a big hit and has numerous fans everywhere! How has your life changed after those three books?

Novoneel: In certain ways I feel I didn’t create The Stranger Trilogy but it created me. It allowed me to penetrate the readers at a mass level which is the most important thing for a commercial author.


Novoneel, The best selling author in thriller

Novoneel, The best selling author in thriller


BV: Do you decide the title before the plot or while writing the story?

Novoneel: It depends. I prefer having the title before hand, but that cannot happen every time. For example I always had the titles of The Stranger Trilogy ready with me but for EX A Twisted Love Story I locked the title way after I wrote the book.


BV: Favourite city, besides your hometown?

Novoneel: Bengaluru. The crowd is amazingly cosmopolitan and me being a foodie it feels like heaven to be in a city which provides a dramatic range of food option.


BV: Your latest titles “Forever is a Lie” and “Forever is True” are completely opposite to each other! Something about these two books and the connection between them!

Novoneel: The books form The Forever Series. I thought that it would be interesting to keep it this way.

The thought behind being the story is about a man who doesn’t believe in the concept of ‘forever’ anymore and about a girl who comes into his life and makes him think otherwise.


Novoneel with his The Forever Series

Novoneel with his The Forever Series


BV: Which genre do you like reading the most?

Novoneel: I generally stay away from romance. Except for that I like to dabble across genres. Anything which gives me inkling that I will have something for me to learn and consume, I go for it.


BV: Your message for the budding writers!

Novoneel: Read a lot, observe a lot, never write for fame and keep discovering yourself.

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