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 Meet the so vibrant Aarohy Kapoor, Author of Irresistible Vegetarian Food

You can’t stop yourself from picking up her latest book, Irresistible Vegetarian Food after reading about the lovely author Aarohy Kapoor.


Book by the Author

Book by the Author


Has there been any change in your writing style after your first published book?

Yes, there’s been a change. I’ve started to write more. I am exploring different writing styles these days and collecting feedback on them from people. Both appreciation and criticism matter. I am able to frame ideas better and will hopefully come up with my novel soon.

I have also started to read more. Writing is all about thoughts, imagination and the expression of your heart; reading helps in it.


What inspired you to write about food rather than fiction as your first published work?

Food is life and one cannot deny this fact. I am a big foodie. My parents cook delicious food and because of that, I love experimenting with my taste buds. I had written a few poems for my father and wanted to write something for my mother.

I was planning a gift for my mother’s birthday and then this idea clicked my mind. My friends and relatives had always enjoyed the food cooked by my mother, even the non-vegetarian ones. So I thought her recipe book was the perfect birthday gift for her. Moreover, before publishing my novel, I wanted to step into the literary world through something that I could dedicate my parents.


How do you deal with the good and the bad reviews?

Both are welcomed by me. Good ones please and make me more confident to go further on the next article. They can instantly turn anyone’s bad day into a good day and leave a long lasting smile.


Feedback matters

Feedback matters


As far as bad reviews are concerned, I read or listen to the whole thing patiently. Then I try to analyse the person who is giving me the feedback. This helps me understand how a particular aspect goes down with general readers, critical readers, writers and the general audience who have no connection with the literary world. Accordingly, I take the things to my heart and work upon it. There is nothing to feel bad about it.


A thing you’d like to give away to be a better writer/author?

I am an early riser but I can sleep in any and every short breaks that I get.I would like to give away my sleep.


Shh! I sleep a lot

Shh! I sleep a lot


What message would you like to give to aspiring authors?

Honestly, I am not such a great author to give a message but I want to be an influencer. So sharing a message with that thought- “Be confident. Do not worry about failures because success story is worth a biopic only if it has failures or hardships in it. Stay positive, good things will happen if you work on the right track.


Stay Positive

Stay Positive


Tips to overcome a writer’s block.

  • Keep an app in your phone exclusively for writing
  • Walk in the open. Play badminton or football or with your pet. Nature is the best when you need positive vibes and a free mind.
  • Talk to people. Sitting silently won’t help; at least it doesn’t help in my case. Exchange of thoughts is necessary to get ideas.
  • Read and listen to some fast or folk music.

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