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Angrish, A Contemporary Designer Wear Brand Speaks The Language Of Today



Angrish is a brand that has gone full circle. While we are all running towards trends, with periodic inspirations, the couturiers are creating clothing that takes you back to the bygone eras while keeping alive the ease of today. The meticulously crafted ensembles designed by the sibling duo narrate a story that holds unique relevance in the past.



Wrickie and Sheena Angrish stepped into the world of fashion after working in their father’s export business for more than a decade. These graduates in History and English literature had a great inclination towards fashion- for creating something of their own. The sibling duo is a great lover of periodic stories, fables, legends and fantasies of the past, which is evidently imbibed into the clothing they create. One can see major influences from European history in their design which proves their huge involvement in the European market during their export days.


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Rooted in his home city Jaipur, former tattoo artist, Wrickie lays immense focus on the finer things. From the lines in mere sketches to the cuts, curves and embellishment on the finished garment, there is intricacy and craftsmanship in each detailing.


The first collection Flamboyant brat is an ode to Italy’s confident and extravagant style of the 80’s. The Glamorous tuxedo’s, chic pants suits and the structured dresses, all instil vintage elegance and charm of the era but are yet fit to dress casual contemporary.

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The Royal Navy collection, on the other hand, derives influence from the naval fashion prevalent during the Second World War. Modern day Indian draping and asymmetrical silhouettes are fused into the sartorial splendour of vintage naval style, which is celebrated through this collection.


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The Angrish apparels are created on the lines of adding perfection to imperfection. The art of Sprezzatura i.e studied carelessness or carefree style done carefully, is a common element witnessed in Angrish clothing. Each attire is discreetly laid-out and tailored yet still has a carefree feel to it.


History is rich, and we are richer to have studied and access a lot of stories about the past. Fashion is an ongoing process, and it evolves from the past, it has always!


Angrish is a well blended classic old-school cocktail with a modern contemporary twist, with the charm of regalia, class, royalty & sophistication, yet the mischievous modernity, newness of the age.”- Wrickie and Sheena.


The duo works directly with the frontline and preserves a close connection with the artisans in order to sustain the artistry and bring their vision into reality.



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