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And I woke up to him

I woke up to yet another new morn,

Like the  moon, he too was gone,

It was not the first lonesome morn,

With the memories of the dark night,

The nights when life seemed like a tunnel,

As  I succumbed  to my reality.

Then out of the blue, one fine day,

The darkness became the beauty of the night,

Ironically, I saw a ray of light,

That flickered in my mind’s eye,

Wedding vows changed the flicker to a sheen,

For with it I woke up to the one who loved,

The night had gifted the rhythm of a fife,

In love, I unloaded the baggage of life.

With new hopes, I looked in the mirror,

The red lips made way for the nature’s gloss,

I let my tresses down and wiped the make-up,

To find the freshness of love and a new dawn.

I slowly walked out of the room,

And wandered about for signs of him,

Gingerly, I walked back and  heard him call,

Excitedly I followed the voice,

And it led me towards the shower,

His smile enveloped me with warmth ,

He pulled me close and whispered,

“My love last night was the most beautiful one of my life,

But I see the morning agrees with you more,

For your beauty has a smile that touches the soul.’’

As he groped with feelings and loss of words,

I smiled  and looked deep into his eyes to find true love.

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