An Accolade

It was 8.30 by my watch, wrapped myself with the soft woollen pink sweater and light blue jeans. I was waiting in Platform No. 2 holding my mom’s little finger, who was in Yellow Cotton Sari properly ironed, red Bindi, packed herself with a black, yellow bordered shawl waiting for the passenger to arrive at the station.

Today I am accompanying my mom to her office. My mom works for Public Works Department. Like every other day, she catches the train at 8.30 and head towards her destination. But today, apart from her friends, I was also a part of her daily voyage. 
Like other days, I always had kickass mornings. Whistles of Pressure Cooker, Chirping of Sparrows, Clucking of hen and the clanging of the temple bells, all together forced to open my eyelids. I still feel lazy and cover my body again with that warm, cozy quilt. And there comes my mom who put her efforts to get me up as today I am going to my grandma’s place to meet her. 
After 15 minutes of tantrums, I somehow step my feet out of that soft bed. My mom already kept my sleepers near to the bed. It was already 6 O’ clock and I hurriedly rushed to the washroom. Everything was ready as usual. My toothbrush was dazzling with Pink toothpaste; my blue bucket was filled with warm hot water waiting to get it split onto my soft skin. My blue jeans and pink sweater was all ready to get onto and provide warmth to my body.
While I was taking bath, my mom was all ready with Steamed Rice, Pointed Gourd Fry, Fish Curry and Pulse served with fresh coriander in the dinning table. Dad was busy ironing mom’s Sari and blouse and kept it ready for her. 
We all in the breakfast table and both were finally ready to go, however I still need my mom’s hands for getting a proper Pony Tail. An Auto rickshaw was summoned by my Dad. The driver led me and my mom to the Railway station. I was cuddled by my mom’s friends and colleagues. Some were giving me chocolates, some give some early morning advises and some kisses to my chubby cheeks.
Finally, train arrived at the station. My mom helped me first and then she herself managed to get into the compartment. The passenger was full of hawkers and my heart filled desire was to have those groundnuts. After few moments, someone called for the Groundnuts and that was none other than my mom. She was the one who knew each and every detail written in my heart and my mind. She helped me in breaking the ground nut shells, removed the pink colored covering and fed me. My joys knew no bounds. I was feeling very happy and content.
At around 9.30, we reached the station. My mom held my fists tightly and took a rickshaw towards my grand mom’s place. Spending some time, my mom left me and headed towards her office. I spent the day listening to stories from my grandfather and relish all my favourite dishes which my grandmother prepared for me.
Evening, 5 O’ clock, my mom came back from office, bought some nice snacks for all. We reached our home by 8 O’ clock at night. We freshened up, have some snacks and I started playing with my brother. But my mom, like other days, went to kitchen for preparing dinner. I have no clue how she manages to cook different items everyday and we all relish it.
My mom putting toothpaste for me and for my brother. While we both were brushing our teeth, mom was busy preparing my bed. She spread the blue bed sheet, covers the bed with mosquito net, and kept the quilt on other side of the bed. She never spent a minute without working. I think that is the secret of her fitness.
Mom ends her day by giving me a glass of hot milk and finally rests herself on her bed thanking god for everything. I made myself comfortable inside the cozy quilt, thinking about her and dozed off within minutes.
Suddenly I found myself lying in my back cracking chair with the family photo album in my arms. The photos were of that great lady who always burnt herself to enlighten me and her family and that is none other than my mom.
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