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Know Akta Adani, The Face Behind Fashion & Craft Sensation-Kyra & Vir

How Akta Adani Brought A Revolution In Fashion And Craft Industry?


Kyra & Vir is a sensation in the bustling streets of fashion and craft. It is a global platform that strives to combine culture, community, and craft to resonate in perfect harmony with each other. Akta Adani, the face behind Kyra & Vir, is a finance geek turned fashion tech entrepreneur. She took to venture into the fashion world with her unique idea of bringing together the time-tested techniques and craftsmanship of our indie designers to deliver the best products.


Here are the excerpts from a candid interview in which she speaks about the Kyra & Vir:


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The beautiful craft


BV: How did the unique idea of Kyra and Vir strike you?


Akta: Being the daughter of a fashion designer, I grew up around sewing machines, fabrics, and threads in the city of Mumbai in India. Having seen the impact that my mother had on the community – empowering her artisans through her talent, and her customers who felt like her designs reflected a part of who they are, I often wondered why more people did not know about women entrepreneurs like my mom. In 2015, it was my own wedding shopping that eventually gave birth to the idea that there was hidden creative talent around the world whose work was not accessible to consumers and technology could be that platform to bring this community together. I asked herself: could I build an e-commerce company that empowered women entrepreneurs through their craft and designs to the rest of the world? That day Kyra & Vir was born.




BV: Would you please introduce “Kyra and Vir” to our readers?


Akta: We are a curated marketplace that delivers handcrafted products from independent makers in India. Currently, we are focused on apparel and jewellery. We aim to be a platform that powers great products from the hands of independent makers that people do not have access to through traditional retailers. Kyra & Vir uses technology to allow consumers to discover great creative products, making Kyra & Vir a place where craft, culture, and community unite.


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Something beautiful in making


BV: What was (were)the set of challenges you faced while coming up in this field?


Akta: Coming from the world of finance and stepping into fashion for me was a different world altogether. The challenges of a new industry especially that is dominated by Bollywood and mainstream media has been the biggest challenge. We are a brand that is dedicated to our customers and makers. We want to build a brand with real women, real life, and real impact.




BV: What is so unique about “Kyra and Vir”?


Akta: Kyra & Vir is unique because every single piece is handcrafted and made to measure. At the end of the day, you should not have to fit fashion, fashion should fit you.


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Akta supervising the work


BV: What was your objective behind while coming up with this venture? Have you been able to achieve it?


Akta: Our objective is threefold, it is to Inspire, Empower, and Create: Inspiring our designers and artisans, empowering the women of our community to strive push and achieve everything they hope for, and creating authentic and culturally-inspired clothing made for you, by you. We believe we have been able to achieve these things, but it doesn’t stop there, we can always do more, empower more people, change more people’s lives.




BV: What are your future plans with “Kyra and Vir”?


Akta: Today we are focused on growing and expanding our makers and their products from India. In the future, we want to expand across different cultures. We are on a mission to make fashion borderless – one culture at a time. We reimagine a better world where we promote the talent and creativity of makers around the world – across cultures and beyond borders.



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