Monday, February 19, 2018


BananiVista, as the name suggests, is synonymous with the wilderness of forests and an extensive perception that comes with it. It is a Lifestyle and cultural digital magazine that portrays the diversity and its rich cultural heritage of India in all its hues.

It is an online magazine for one is attracted to wander through the pages to nurture the soul. It is Indian in spirit and celebrates the Indian culture that is drenched in festivities for every season.



This Ezine has five major sections namely Lifestyle, Food, Art, Culture, Music and Creative Writing.

 Lifestyle comprises ‘Travel’ articles that introduce you to Incredible India. The travelogues not only guide the reader through the journey but also suggest food choices and joints that serve authentic taste buds.

This section also provides Fashion and Home Décor Solutions, answers to questions on parenting and Mental as well as Physical Health. Our self- improvement articles inspire and gift fresh breath and energy.

Music and musicians are celebrated here and we bring to you the tales of melody, style, lyrics, and rhythm through the life and experiences of budding talent making waves in the music industry.


Creative Writing is the latest in its kitty. It acts as a unique platform to the ardent writers where they can express their thoughts. Our experienced in-house reviewers help them by answering to their problems related to writing. The reviews are honest that help the contributors to improve their writing skills. The detailed reviews include grammar tips, plot development, characterization, picturesque descriptions and the art of twisting the tales to enthrall the readers.



1) Book Reviews and Promotion

2) Product Reviews

3) Blogging

4) Content Writing

We have the best reviewers in our team who will provide the authentic reviews for your books and products. You can also outsource part of your writing services to us. We will be happy to help you.



The team consists of a youthful spirit with Banani Das Dhar, an ex-clinical data analyst at the helm of affairs. The team is effortlessly committed and enjoys hard work for they improvise with fresh ideas and buzz with uniqueness. In their individual capacity they are specialists who never shy away from taking up challenges. They write, interview, review, photograph and experiment with topics. On one hand if the e-zine features the royalty then they also write about the Aghori way of life. They are experienced writers, authors, reviewers, and many are budding enthusiasts who bring in fresh charm that is infectious and full of energy.

BananiVista features fresh content every day keeping in mind individuals, we cater to taste buds for we know and understand that age is in the mind. We firmly believe that our content is our greatest advertisement, focusing on online and social media to get the hashtag #LivingandExploring message across.

We are where the youth and young-at-heart consumers are. The idea is to provide an immersive, experiential and informative thoughts to our readers, across touch-points. Our USP lies in breaking stereotypes to bring in change for BananiVista represents Incredible India in all its glory. We accept people and ideas with open arms and bask in our diversity. We curate our own content as well as invite creative content writers and bloggers to write on our platform.




Meet The Team:

Banani Das Dhar

Aarohy Kapoor

Debolina Coomar

Geeta C Yadav

Khyati Gautam

Shaswati Dixit

Shweta Mishra

Vinisha Gupta Markan

Akash Chaudhary