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Sedentary lifestyle, poor diets, wetting your whistle and no exercise are relegating people to confront with countless diseases. Thus, it becomes highly important for us to keep a track of our own unhealthy activities. After all (or before anything!) “Health is Wealth”. A healthy person can enjoy being wealthy whereas an unhealthy person will always be saddened and depressed due to his poor health; his appetite and sleep will get robbed. People drive to restaurants just as though free meals are being served in the refugee camps. Now a days Pizzas, Burgers, Rolls, Chaatsreceive more acceptance than the tender coconut water, fresh fruit juice and a healthy salad bowl. The reason is, the former is more palate friendly and tickles our taste buds, their easy availability even at odd hours and free door-to-door service. On top of that, people act sluggish while attending yoga or any form of exercise sessions.  Monotonous exercises are one of the chief reasons for people not hitting the gym or attending after high intervals. I would like to introduce my Guest- Wanitha Ashok who is here to lead us to the right path to healthiness. Her opinion on exercise as fun activity and eating healthy, a choice rather than an exertion is now followed by many. 
Wanitha Ashok is recognized as Bangalore’s fitness queen and youth icon. She is a certified body transformation expert. Being a fitness guru, she is also successful in adding the titles of Recycled Craft Designer, socio-Environment activist, a socialite and a beauty pageant in 2009.  She motivates and educates people on following a healthy lifestyle. Whenever I meet this lady, I always feel energized. She is full of charm and has the power to captivate the listener. This time meeting her was all about understanding the eating habits and its effects on our body.  According to her, escaping meals and starvation is not the way to get a slimmer body. She believes in the fact that eating right food is the way to have a healthy body and soul.
She is a mom of a 28 year old but surprisingly she looks half her age. The secret behind her fitness is nothing but commitment of a dedicated mind and devoted heart towards fitness. She disclosed that the desire to remain slim being a state-level athlete champion drives her towards work-outs and to follow a healthy lifestyle. She introduced many novel fitness regimes in Bangalore, through her studio, “The Moving Body” which is a boutique aerobic studio, started since 2009. Her fitness activities don’t restrict to Aerobics, Aqua Aerobics, Pilates, Kick-Boxing, Zumba and Nutrition but also extended to work-outs which are quite new to the country such as Cardio Striptease. She offers the services as per the customer’s interest and needs.
Her studio solely works on the principle of “Get fit, toned and sculpted the fun way”.  It is a good workout destination as it provides variety. No two workouts are the same which is a way to challenge one’s muscles everyday to gain physiological benefits. And moreover, people will not get bored and will get boosted to learn something new every day.
Along with exercise,Wanitha gives equal importance to food as well. She informed that eating the right food is one of the primary things one should do. She prefers and suggests home cooked food over restaurant food. She added that one should be careful enough to know the food stuffs upon preferring restaurant food and should not jump into the food just because it’s available, especially in case of delicious buffets.
She generously gave some idea of carrying and munching nuts whenever hungry instead of going for hot Samosas. She also added the fact that one should prefer whole fruits rather than fruit juices. Fruits are a natural source of sugar and asked to replace the refined white sugar in our kitchen with juicy fruits. Other than exercise and food, maintaining a good lifestyle is of vital importance. Carrying work back home, working for more than 8 hours endlessly, having food at irregular times should be avoided to the core. These activities not only damage the current physical status of our body but will also drastically affect our health in the long run too.
To boost up, tune in to Fever 104 FM, 6.55 a.m., every morning and listen to “Fever mantra with Wanitha”. One can also subscribe her YouTube channel “Get Wow with Wanitha” (https://www.youtube.com/user/wansii) to get to know the fitness secrets. Wanitha writes for her fitness column in “Udayavani” (newspaper), every Wednesday.  She is also a fitness quote contributor in various publications, magazines and online portals.
She received many national and international awards for community services; one of them is “The Rashtriya Rattan”. Now we can also do work outs at our home as Wanitha has released Home work DVD and authored a bilingual Fitness Book titled “You have an excuse I have exercise” (http://www.amazon.in/have-excuse-exercise/dp/9382348182). 
Wanitha concludes by mentioning that list of her future work is endless as she quoted, “Make your trip to planet Earth a memorable one”. Truly speaking, I am not going to binge on chocolates and ice creams any more. Let’s pledge together to build a healthier us and a fitter nation too.
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