Monsoon Wedding Trends: Outfits For your Wedding

Having a Monsoon Wedding? Know How to dazzle up in your Wedding   The clouds and rains will be here soon, to wash away the heat of the weaning summer. With the auspicious times wheeling here, the wedding season is around the corner too. Let’s familiarize ourselves with what monsoon wedding trends to expect.   […]

7 Top Budget Wedding Destinations In India That Will Surprise You

‘Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale’   Hard as we may try, weddings in India can never be low-key. With so many relatives and rituals, weddings become an excuse for people to meet up and make merry. Like so many other things, this industry too […]

8 Unique Indian Wedding Outfits You Didn’t Know About!

  The high-point of any wedding, especially in India, is the unique wedding outfits. With so many different states, religions etc, the unique Indian wedding outfits are way more than just Lehengas, Salwar-Kameez, White Gowns, and Sarees.   Let us walk through some of the amazing Indian wedding outfits: Assam: The bride wears cream/off-white colored […]

Unique Kashmiri Wedding Traditions

                                                      The state of Jammu and Kashmir, the northernmost state in India presents itself as the ‘Crown of India’. The land of unparalleled beauty, sloping hills, and lush valleys sits […]

Indian Men Dazzle in Flared Tunics-Manarkali

Anarkali for men: Manarkalis are in fashion this 2019 Bollywood stars such as Ranveer Singh, Anupam Kher, and Ali Fazal have been seen wearing different versions of the Manarkali. This reinvention of the Anarkali came into being because fashion and style know no boundaries.‎The ‘manarkali’ is about celebrating the universal spirit of beauty. A Trend for […]

8 Temple Festivals of India One Should Visit Once In Their Lifetime

Take a cultural vacation in India and get to celebrate the incredible Indian festivals Festivals and fairs related to temples in India are an integral part of the country’s ancient traditions and cultures. Festivals are always an inclination for people in India. The attendees spend all day at the temple, enjoying them and the temple officials […]

Bengaluru’s fuelling a food truck fever

Check out Bengaluru’s craze for food on wheels   Bites on wheels, gourmet by the kerbside, meaty eats, upgraded fancy street food, fast food on the move, unabashed and unapologetic dude food. The terms used to describe them may be as colourful as the food coming out of Bengaluru’s growing number of food trucks. It’s […]