Go Green Botanical Interior by Gunjan Gupta, co-founder, 7WD Group

Go Green with Botanical Theme Interiors Summer has sprung, making it the perfect time to freshen up your decor. One of the elements of this seasons design is using botanicals. As a life force and source of beauty, adding florals to space in any form offers vitality and freshness. Not only does botanical elements furnishes […]

Summer Holidays for budget conscious travellers

Summer vacations are around the corner with the much-needed vacation eluding you. While foreign breaks are desired by most, financial reality, with prohibitively high flight costs, has a way of impinging on the best-laid plans. However, if planned smartly you can save on flight, hotels, sightseeing, and food thereby fitting your international trip within a […]

Checklist for choosing the apt mattress for your perfect night’s sleep

With the mercury level soaring high, it is time to choose the mattress that gives you the most comfort. Here, we give you the checklist for choosing the apt mattress for your perfect night’s sleep. Nakul Gupta, Director, Thomsen Brand-Dormio shares few of the tips while buying the best mattress and pillows.  Online research prior shopping: […]

Simple and Easy Ways to Feed Your Toddler the Right Way!

Feeding your toddler is not an easy job. When a child develops his or her likes, dislikes and food preferences, that is when a child faces the most crucial times of life. This often leads to inadequate intake which proves one of the most difficult tasks of parenting. Toddler nutrition is extremely important. Inadequate intake […]

Monologue: A One-Stop Fashion Destination For the Fashionistas!

MONOLOGUE – Brand Profile. Monologue is a women’s fashion brand from Kolkata that designs semi-formals & smart casuals with a variety of styles and cut that is contemporary yet fashionable. The brand founder Aastha, who has completed fashion portfolio from London College of fashion and B.Sc. in Fashion Design and Management from Raffles, defines Monologue’s […]

Celebrities to lead, masses to follow…cosmetic procedures!

Celebrities have always had a great influence on their fans. Famous singers, actors, and sports stars are idolized, they represent an ideal of perfection, glamour, and beauty.  Millions look up to them and try to emulate their beauty regimen by buying the same cosmetics products, by copying the way they dress, and so on. Celebrities […]