6 Ways to Treat Your Tea


India is a country of tea lovers. We all know of that one person who is obsessed with tea. Any time of the day, any situation, he’s ready for a cuppa. Since I am from Assam myself, all our growing years were filled with tea stories. We went on leisurely morning walks in the tea garden, that overlooked our house or spent holidays at relatives’ place, who were lucky enough to be working at tea-estates. Time spent in those humongous bungalows, built by the British, with hardwood floors, porcelain bath-tubs and endless expanse of lawns for us to play, are etched in my memory forever.


Tea was introduced in India by the British. The weather conditions in places like Assam and Darjeeling were just perfect for this plant. But for the longest time, tea was just a beverage. Slowly, many other properties of this wonder plant have been discovered.


Let us find out how tea has elevated itself in modern times:


Indians generally like their tea with milk and sugar. Although some like it black, with a dash of lemon to go with it. Green tea is a fantastic detoxifier. It is believed to aid in weight loss too.



Paired with other carrier oils with citrus notes like grapefruit and mandarin, helps boost positive mood. It works on stress symptoms like tiredness and sluggishness. It can be applied topically or in used in a diffuser.



  • Reduce puffiness of the eyes by placing chilled used tea bags for a few minutes.

  • Forgot the sunscreen? Tea bags can reduce the sting of sunburns and blisters.

  • Use tea extracts for a final rinse after your shampoo, for super glossy hair.

  • Foul smelling shoes? Place a dry tea bag in the shoe overnight. It will soak up the odour.

  • If you are making soap at home, use glycerin and tea extracts for a refreshing feel.

  • Make a DIY Mouthwash using a few drops of peppermint and tea extracts.




  • The detoxifying properties of tea cannot be overstated. It also helps treat common cold, boosts blood circulation and relieves congestion. Also, it can also be used as an insect repellent.



  • At home, I have seen my mother keep a container by the sink to collect used tea leaves. She used it as a manure for her potted plants.

  • The tannins in the tea can be used to shine hardwood floors.

  • If you are leaving for a vacation, leave a few tea bags inside the fridge for an odour-free space.



You can make gift packages for your loved ones at home. Here are a few ideas:

      • DIY soaps infusing tea extracts and essential oils such as lavender and peppermint.

      • Make a potpourri with tea bags of various blends.


      • A gift hamper with beautifully packed different tea blend sachets.

With the tea movement gaining momentum, various tea outlets have sprung up. These places provide a more hygienic and visually appealing surrounding to have your favourite cuppa. So, if you are meeting up with friends, ditch the bar and embrace a tea-bar instead. With such exotic flavours as Lapsang Souchong, Jagertee or the Vietnamese Rose available, the humble tea has undergone a paradigm shift. Tea is no longer coffee’s poorer cousin. So, what’s stopping you? Go on, indulge!

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