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6 Street Food In Jaipur That Will Make You Drool

Enjoy The Gastronomic Adventure With Delicious Street Food In Jaipur


The best way to explore a city is to walk through its lanes and eat on the exemplary stalls. Our pink city has a lot of small food junctures which are famous among the localities and tourists for their mouth-watering tastes. This city is known for its royalty, architecture, palaces and forts but the traditional Rajasthani Food in Jaipur needs a special mention.


“Eating here is not just about taste but grabbing a whole new cultural experience.” With so many options all around you, I’m taking you on a virtual Jaipur Street Food Tour for your ease which the locals just speak highly of.



  • Pyaaz Kachori at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

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Pyaz Kachori (fried pastry filled with spices and onion) is something that Rajasthanis simply work on and when visiting the city you simply can’t resist this delicious food item.  It can be found at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar and is one of the best veg street foods in Jaipur. You are surely going to get a weakness for this savoury item.



  • Rolls at AI Bake

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If you are a non-veg lover then visiting the Chicken Paradise of the city is a must. Serving every variety of chicken is what AI Bake specializes in be it Chicken Tikka or Swarama. Located on the MI Road, this shop is kept open till mid of night and the street food hunt is considered unaccomplished if you do not visit this Jaipur Non-Veg Food Joint.



  • Gol Gappe

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Gol Gappe, a street food that is known with different names but gets similar mouth watery reactions all across the country. You will find this at almost every nook and cranny of the city but one place that is very famous for it is Patashi at Chawla’s located at Fashion Street in Raja Park area. If you too are a Gol gappe lover then do not miss this place to enjoy the different flavoured waters. If you want to enjoy Chaat such as Dahi bade, aloo tikiya, sev puri also along with gol gappa’s then visit the “Nand corner” which is a strong competitor of the Chawla’s.


  • Falahaar at Saraogi Mansion

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Saraogi Mansion is the Veggie’s delight.  Located at the Mirza Ismile Road is the perfect location for all kind of fasts dishes which include Fruit Cream, Gajar Halwa, Sabudana Khichdi, and many types of Falhaari Namkeens, etc.



  • Omelette at Sanjay’s

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Located at Bapu Nagar, Sanjay’s can give a twist to your regular omelette. It serves almost 20 varieties of omelette. Non-veg lovers and eggetarian, don’t miss this experience. The must-try special mentions on their menu are the masala omelette and the egg pizza.



  • Masala chai at Gulaab Ji Chaiwala

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Monsoons and Chai have always been a perfect combination. Street Food you must try this monsoon in Jaipur. How about a cup of Masala Chai and Bun Maska this monsoon? Gulaab Ji Chaiwala (situated opposite Ganpati Plaza) is famous for the bun samosa which people crave for. Until the closing time of the shop i.e. 6 pm, you will find it all crowded with the aroma of tea especially in the rains.



Taste Buds together with a filled stomach are the route to the heart and food represents city’s lifestyle.”  Visit the royal city to take experience this delish adventure.


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