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6 Popular Festivals In Kerala – God’s Own country

Most Celebrated Festivals of Kerala


The fair and festivals of Kerala reflect its rich culture and heritage. Around the year, many festivals are celebrated here with great fervor. The God’s own country has got the best of everything when it comes to vibrant dance performances, enthusiastic boat races, bejeweled elephants, colorful rangolis and exotic fragrances.


If the wanderer in you is brimming with a penchant for a wonderful destination, know about the Famous festivals of Kerala and book yourself a Kerala tour package to explore the sanctuary of tranquility.


  • Boat Festival


Boat Festival

Boat Festival


On a Kerala trip, one must witness the spectacular boat festival to catch the site of the glistening backwaters. Watching the boat race is an affair one shouldn’t miss to captivate in the memories.


When is the Boat Festival celebrated: Boat Festival in Kerala is celebrated from July to September


  • Theyyam Festival


Theyyam festival

Theyyam festival


It is counted as one of the oldest and most awaited festivals of Kerala. The visitors get a chance to behold varieties of Theyyam performances depicting folk culture and art. the mythological acts are the prime attraction of this festival.


When is Theyyam celebrated: Theyyam falls in the period between April to December.


  • Onam


Onam brings happiness.

Onam brings happiness.


The harvest festival of Kerala, Onam, is celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Malayali month of Chingam. The festive spirit dipped in delicious dishes, dance, music, rituals and boat races linger around it. Onam is celebrated to commemorate the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu and homecoming of King Mahabali.


When is Onam celebrated: Onam falls between August and September.


  • Vishu


Vishu is an auspicious event.

Vishu is an auspicious event.


An auspicious and important festival, Vishu, is celebrated by Hindus on the first day of the Malayalam month of Medam. The most significant ritual of Kani Kanal (the first sight of Lord Vishu) and the midday feast (Sadya) are the highlights of this festival.


When is Vishu celebrated: Vishu falls in the month of April (known as Medam, as per Malayalam astrology calendar).


  • Attukal Pongala


It brings women power to a single place.

It brings women power to a single place.


It is a special festival of Kerala that holds an importance as it brings together the women of different castes and religions. This festival is being appreciated in the Guinness Book of World Records too. The women clad in beautiful sarees come together to enjoy this festival and offer Ponkala (rice prepared with jaggery and other ingredients)  to the diety.


When is Attukal Pongal celebrated: The festival is celebrated for 10 days and falls in February – March. Usually, the last day is when the festival sees a huge gathering.


  • Thrissur Pooram


Ornamented elephants ready for the challenge.

Ornamented elephants ready for the challenge.


Thrissur Pooram is a colorful temple festival of Kerala. The traditional groups that represent the major elements of Thrissur Pooram are Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi. They flaunt their majesty by contesting with each other in terms of the clothed elephants and umbrellas. The clothed elephants, vibrant umbrellas, glowing fireworks, appealing music of Panchavadyam are all set to mesmerize you on your Kerala Holiday.


When is Thrissur Pooram celebrated: It is celebrated in the Malayalam month of Medam, which generally comes in April or May. 


We took a glimpse at the exclusive festivals of Kerala. Go ahead satisfying the culture-vulture in you by going on a Kerala Tour and savoring its distinct taste of traditions and heritage.


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