5 things one can do with their partner this festive season

      5 things one can do with their partner this festive season

India is known worldwide for celebrating the coming of Goddess Durga, either in the name of Durga Puja or Navratri. The beats of the “dhol” or “Nagada”, decoration with lights, lanterns and family gatherings are symbolic towards the commencement of the festive season. People shifted to metropolis due to career, job or any other personal reason, often  miss their childhood, the surroundings, and the family gatherings during this festive season. Nilima, 32 years old, a working professional , seemed unhappy, one Durga puja evening. On being asked, she expressed her  grief  towards the minimal time she gets to spend with her husband.  Every evening both  “Nilima” and “Time” compete to pull him towards themselves.

This above story is not new. In fact, Bangalore has seen many of these kinds. On one hand, most of the husbands are being slaves in the IT industry. On the other hand, the wives are highly engaged in household work or working in any other reputed firm too. The two can only meet when it’s almost time to sleep. Nilima was going through the same and since it was the festive time, she started feeling depressed. Even though, her husband comes along , they don’t find any interesting stuffs  to do together and at the end, they go back home bored and tired. The monotony makes the relationship more pathetic and lead to the bitter edge.

Enlisted are the five things one can enjoy with their partner to make their bond stronger and better this festive season:

  • Dress up well: Someone truly quoted “No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!” The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate. Hence make sure you and your partner dress at your best.

                            Couple in their ethnic wear

  • Eat and compete: During the festive season, no one can be happier than the vendors putting up their stalls. The roads will have an array of food stalls. One can hog on the masala puri/dosa . The fun part is one can compete while eating. Go and challenge your partner for “Gol Gappas”/ Puchka competition which is a common activity on the roads of Kolkata. As food is the ingredient that binds us together.

                                    Eat and compete.

  • Pray together: Having said that both the partners are busy working, however, there is no harm in dedicating some quality time to your family during the festivities. Grab your partner’s arm to go to the nearest Puja Pandal and pray together. Bengalis should go for the “Anjali “ (a ritual performed during Durga Puja) along with their respective partner.

                                  Pray together

  • Do Garba together/ Dhunuchi Nach: Dance is the true manifestation of the soul. Even if you don’t know the steps, follow the folks and yes, don’t forget to bounce around with your partner. One can enjoy “Dhunuchi Nach” (perform during Durga puja) and get high in the festive mood.

                                     Dhunuchi Nach


                  Enjoy Daandiya or Garba.

  • Take long walks: As the city will be jam -packed during the festive season, it is advisable to use public transport. It is also an advantage for the love birds or the couples to walk hand in hand as long as they wish. Stay and relish that moment, this will help in reconnecting the two hearts again.

                    Long romantic walks

Let’s get together on this festive season and cherish the moments of togetherness.

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