BananiVista, Lucknow

5 Quirky Things About Lucknow

Lucknow Tourism- Know What The City Of Nawabs Has To Offer


Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is popularly known as the city of Nawabs which means Royalty. It is a city full of art, culture, history, sights, sounds, tastes and has a glorious way of life. In their local dialect, people of Lucknow describe this city as -“Lucknow is aaram(rest), itmenaan(ease) and rehaish(a home that nurtures)”.Here is a list of bizarre things about our enduring Lucknow.



  • Inspiring Architectural Beauty
BananiVista, Lucknow

Image Courtesy: Lonely Planet


Lucknow has played an important role in the history of India since the times when Britishers ruled the country. Having a look at the city now, the old era still peeps from somewhere and that can be seen in the architectural reserves of the city. The glorious Bada and Chota Imambara always steal the show but besides these, there are some wrecked buildings such as The British Residency which have an appealing history to tell. Also, the Bada Imambara is the largest hall in Asia without any external support of wood, stone beam or iron.



  • High Standards of Shopping
BananiVista, Lucknow

Image Courtesy: Conde Nast Traveller India


When it comes to shopping, Chikan Embroidery has always been the highlight of Lucknow. Chikankari kurtas and dupattas are available all across the markets of Chowk, Aminabad and Janpath. Also, there is immense variety of shoes, bags and western wear.



  • Kebabs for Nawabs
BananiVista, Lucknow

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The fine thread that can bind two cultures into a tight knot is food. One cannot go to Lucknow and not eat the alluring Kebabs which are said to melt as soon as placed on the tongue, just like butter and the flavour stays for long. The Tundey Kebabs located in Chowk or Aminabad hold a respectable place for the past 150 years. The city relishes Mughlai cuisine and other must-try foods are Biryani from Idris at Chowk, Shami Kebab from Shakhawat, etc.



  • Gomti River
BananiVista, Lucknow

Image Courtesy: HolidayIQ


The Gomti River in Lucknow has the Gomti Chakra which was used as jewellry in ancient times. It is believed to be Holy by the Hindus. It is known to give protection to the children and also wash away one’s sins. Visitors can get a view of the river by visiting the Gomti River Front Park which is situated on the banks of the river.



  • The Taj of Lucknow
BananiVista, Lucknow

Image Courtesy: Vivanta

A good way to experience Lucknow’s Nawabi culture is the Vivanta by Taj which looks supernal and is a sheer pleasure. It lives up to the city’s majestic past. It is one of the best luxury hotels in the city, has all the entertainment and connectivity options and it offers small surprises.


So, take a trip to Lucknow to experience the superlative food, shopping and architecture and make it your kind of a city.


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