5 music types to control your mood

Music is food for the soul. It has the power to melt anger and helps as a catalyst to boost up one’s sulking mood. Listening to music is directly related to emotions. It is very important to hit your playlist accordingly as “Music is the original, mood-altering, non-fattening, wonder-drug”.  Here are 5 music types to control your mood:


  • Nervous/Anxious: Nothing can beat the blues when you are nervous or anxious. As the music is slow, Blues have the power to calm your heart rate.


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  • Excess energy to rock it out: Rock and Punk can take you higher. It will give you the extra dose which will boost your energy and mood levels.


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  • Anger Management: When you lost your temper, you should follow reggae. One can think of Bob Marley when we think of Reggae. Having its origin in Jamaica in the 1960s, it is one of the best ways to relax your mind.


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  • Boost up in the gym: Hip Hop or Pop music will definitely help you in gaining energy during your workout. After a stressful day at the office, this kind of music is the best during running or jogging as it helps in maintaining the momentum of your heart.


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  • Romance: Jazz is the right choice for a romantic candle light dinner or setting up a romantic mood to groove. It has got the charm to get both indulge into each other.


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  • Feeling low/Break-ups: Don’t binge into romantic numbers either dare to pick up the sad, heartbreaking songs that make you feel low and pathetic. Instead, listen to some inspirational music, rock numbers in your playlist. You will get numerous motivational breakup songs but don’t follow country music during this phase.


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Which song boosts your mind? Let us know your comments!

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