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Did You Know About These Bizarre Dishes Of Nagaland

5 Bizarre Food Items From The Nagaland


Have a thing for dog or monkey meat? No, well people from Nagaland surely do. Their love for animal meat is tremendous. And not just animals, they love to cook reptiles too. Nagaland practices mostly eating out at home and rarely at restaurants. Thus, the food is mostly cooked in the homes. You would be surprised to know when you eat out at the restaurants in Nagaland that you would hardly see the traditional Naga cuisine in their Menus. Mostly, it would be Momos or some north Indian or south Indian food. By traditional food we mean, the insects, the worms or a the frog  mixed in the traditional chilli sauces that are also a specialty of Nagaland. Yes no matter how bizarre it sounds to you, they literally eat everything under the sun. Let’s get to know some of the dishes, the Nagas drool over.


The Dog Meat

Well, it won't bark now

Well, it won’t bark now


The dog meat happens to be one of their favourite dishes. You can see the markets at Nagaland selling live dogs from where you can pick and choose the one you want to relish in your plates along with some rice and boiled or steamed vegetables.


Roasted Intestines

The roasted treasure

The roasted treasure


Like we mentioned earlier, the Nagas literally eat anything and everything under the sun. They won’t waste the intestines too. Yes, you read it right. As much as the people of Nagaland love the pork, pig meat, they love its intestines too. Roast it over a fire directly and then just season it with some salt and pepper if you would like. It is ready to be enjoyed.


Snake Meat

Snakes in the plate, not plane

Snakes in the plate, not plane


Sounds bizarre to you? However, it’s loved by the some of the tribes of Nagaland. They love cooking the snake meat. Moreover, they believe that this meat helps them in giving them a lot of strength to fight wounds, have better eyesight and a lot more health benefits.


The Mouse

Caught a mouse yet?

Caught a mouse yet?


Yes, unlike some other people catching a mouse to throw away from the house, some tribes of Nagaland catch it to eat it. But it’s not the regular one that we find in our houses. It is a different breed altogether. This one hails from the jungle and just like the snake, the tribes of Nagaland believe that the mouse is very mighty and helps them have a better health when eaten.


The Ants

Want to taste this snail ant chutney?

Want to taste this snail ant chutney?


No more Ants in your pants, as they are right there in the stomach now. Oh yes, the tribes from Nagaland love to eat Ants and sometimes even alive to have a great amount of protein intake for their bodies.

It seems Jonathan Safran Foer has aptly said” Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity”.

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