4 Quick Tips for buying Maternity Wear

With the past few months being hogged by pregnant celebrity moms like Kareena Kapoor Khan, an immense amount of interest is being shown in maternity clothing. For many of us, maternity meant loose fitted clothes, house coats, gowns, lounge pants, shapeless kurtas or huge pyjamas. I remember my pregnancy, I had a harrowing time searching for maternity clothes. It was easier to wear anything at home. But to find something suitable for office was very difficult. I went to major stores, but either they had no maternity section or the bigger sized clothes looked very odd on me.






But things are changing rapidly. We have brands dedicated solely to maternity fashion. They have clothes catering to to each preference. It may be attibuted to the new-age celebrity mom-to-be who is not afraid to flaunt her bump.




Having said that, here are a few things that should be kept in mind while buying the right maternity clothes. Let’s look at a few of them.



This is of utmost important. Since you are carrying a baby inside you, it sometimes restrict your movements. You have to be careful while moving about. Choose clothes that put you at ease. An Anarkali Long Kurta, Maxi Dresses, Knee-Length Summer Dresses are perfect.








Stage of the pregnancy

  • During the first trimester, many Indian women like to keep the pregnancy under wraps. If you are trying to hide the subtle bulge, go for a empire-waisted skirt or dress.






  • Second trimester onwards, when the baby bump is more prominent, you could invest in tunics. For Indian wear , A-Line Kurtas and Kurtis are a safe bet. If you have planned an evening out, you could wear a lycra based cocktail dress. The lycra will be easy on the bulge while providing a good fit to the overall body. You can pair a long shrug to go with it.





  • From the third trimester onwards, when the baby grows very quickly, movements become a little restricted and tiring. Long, flowy Anarkalis and Maxi dresses are your best best.


Also, there’s a wide variety of maternity trousers and denims available in the market. The elasticated band lend support to the baby bump and are super comfortable to wear.

  • Maternity Bras


We tend to ignore this aspect of our attire. Like the rest of the body, our breasts also undergo a lot of changes. Some of us experience heaviness and itchiness. The fabric of your bra should be natural as it can minimise any rashes or itching you might experience. A good support bra, preferably with an underband and sturdy straps, goes a long way in combating the heaviness.

  • Shoes



Maternity should not be only about flats and ballerinas. You could opt for kitten heels, boots, sneakers without laces, platforms and wedges. One thing to keep in mind is that the sole should be sturdy and non-slippery. And the most important factor-comfort. Also, they should be easy to put on.

Pic Courtesy:skechers

Pic Courtesy:skechers

Listed below are some of the online stores which have a good variety of maternity wear:

Apart from these, few brands have stylish pregnancy wear:

  • momnme

  • H&M

  • Marks & Spencer

  • Shoppersstop

Motherhood is a beautiful phase to be in. The anticipation of giving birth to a life brings out a beautiful pregnancy glow. So get yourself a great maternity wardrobe and get set to rock the world.

Stay stylish!

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