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4 Latest Hairstyles For Men To Rock In 2019

Trending Men’s Hairstyles – 2019


Updating your look doesn’t take much but the effect it has on you and the people around you is stunning. Stay up to date on the latest trending Men’s Hairstyles of 2019. Try out these trendy looks before it’s too late!


Punk with a DIY feel:

BananiVista, hairstyle

Punk Hairstyle [Image Courtesy: Pinterest]

Ideally, one should have at least 3 inches of hair to pull off this style with ease. Typically, the hair is lengthy at the nape and around the years. An uneven cut will give the hair some volume and a messy look, which is what you need. This look works as long as your hair isn’t short enough to stand up stiff. The advantage of this look is that you can apply a little gel to slick your hair back, while at work and get all punk with a ruffle, right after you step out. It works both ways and you can ace both the looks. To add to the authenticity of the look, wear slashed jeans and pair with light leather jackets.



The Long Sweep:

BananiVista, hairstyle

Long Sweep hairstyle

This is one trend that has been weaving in and out of style, each time revived with slight but effective changes. The Long Sweep this time focuses on maximizing on the length and sleekness too. This style is undeniably chic but extremely easy to carry off as well. If you have long hair, all you need is a medium hair gel. After application, run your close toothed comb through your hair from the hairline backward till the tips. Follow the same technique for the sides. One advantage of this style is that it can be sported with a formal, casual and punk look as well.



Soft Parting:

BananiVista, hairstyle

Soft parting

This hair cut is all about layers and textures. Depending on the structure of your face, and your preference, you could opt for a fade in combination with the soft and undefined part. Here, the parting is just like a side sweep and there is no defined or hard part that is demarcated. It gives a relaxed and laid-back look. If a matte finish gel is used, it gives a fresh, post-shower look and you can be on your way melting hearts. This look goes well with casual attire and athleisure looks as well.



Bleached Blond Look:

BananiVista, hairstyle

Bleached blond look

Very stylish and completely in the zone, this look is for those who don’t mind a little extra work, all worthwhile though. Though many would prefer to try this at home, it is recommended to go to a salon. This hot look can be maintained by making sure to invest in some good purple shampoo to keep the bleach blond from turning into a gradual sandy yellow unless that look too works for you!


Style up this season and make sure that your hair does all the talking about your style statement. Choose any look, rock in it. Why not make the most of it, throwing in a little of your creativity as well? Who knows, you may even set a new trend!


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