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Mighty Agra Fort

UNESCO Lesser Known Heritage Sites in India

Get to know about the lesser-known UNESCO Heritage

Sites in India


India is counted as one of the most culturally affluent nations of the world. Its heritage is enriched with a huge variety of monuments, architectural wonders, landscapes and what not. The country is well known for its marvelous history, incredible geography, delectable cuisines, honey-laced languages and diverse demography. No wonder that many of its fantastic masterpieces have made it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

Tourists from all over the globe flock to different sites to quench their thirst for exploring amazing places. In total, India is home to 36 natural and cultural sites out of which only a few are considered frequently. The travelers resort to the recognized sites to explore India.

Here, we bring to you an assortment of the lesser known UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India which are as splendid as rest of their mates in their built and beauty. These little-known places are perhaps far from the savageness of the modernity and hence continue to stand firm in their exotic forms.


The Mighty Agra Fort


Mighty Agra Fort, Heritage, BananiVista

Mighty Agra Fort


The robust Agra Fort stands sturdy at a distance of few kilometers away from the Taj Mahal. It is made up of red sandstone and was meticulously designed by Akbar to treat it as a military bastion. The view from the Musamman Burj is fabulous. One should not miss out on the Jahangir Palace, the Khas Mahal, and the Diwan-i-Khas.





Rani-Ki-Vav, Heritage, BananiVista



The Rani-ki-Vav stepwell in Patan, Gujarat stands on the banks of River Saraswati as a symbol of an undying love of a wife for her husband. It is built with the supreme finesse of the craftsmen in the Maru-Gurjara architectural style. A high artistic quality was employed in designing the stepwell which is more like an inverted temple.


Khangchendzonga National Park


Khangchendzonga National Park, Heritage, BananiVista

Khangchendzonga National Park


The enigmatic Khangchendzonga National Park, located at the sacrosanct of the Himalayas, encompasses a wide array of plains, valleys, lakes, glaciers and spectacular, snow-capped mountains. It has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site due to its natural as well as cultural significance. The park is covered with lush rhododendron forests to rocky mountains with 18 glaciers.

A 10-day Yuksom to Goecha La trek is the ideal way to acquaint oneself with the natural vista.


Garh Kundar, Madhya Pradesh


Garh Kundar, Madhya Pradesh, Heritage, BananiVista

Garh Kundar, Madhya Pradesh


Ravaged by the time, the remnants of the Garh Kundar fort stand proudly amidst the dearth of tourist facilities. Yes, the place has garnered a lot of attention for the fact that it is haunted. If you plan to visit this mystical and magnificent site, carry enough of food and water to sustain yourself.

The archaic fort speaks aloud the evocative tales of a grandeur long gone, battles, massacres, Jauhar, and betrayal. Though it is a crumbling structure, it sings the glories of the past proudly.


Ananthapura Lake Temple


Ananthapura Lake Temple, Heritage, BananiVista

Ananthapura Lake Temple


Holding the pride of being the only lake temple in Kerala, the Ananthapura Lake Temple is a Hindu temple nestled in the Kasaragod District of Kerala. It is crafted according to the typical Kerala architecture that renders it stupefying temple complexes in India. Legend has it that it is guarded by a divine crocodile Babia who is vegetarian and is fed prasad of the deity.

The Tourism Ministeries of different states are involved in preserving the genuine art and culture of India. Several initiatives have been taken in this regard. They are making use of digital technology to carve out different methods to do the same. 

Heritage of India is extolled in several artworks and scriptures. It is its unique beauty that evokes emotions in an artist who would fall short of finesses to describe them. So, while the ravenous traveler in you is seeking for some gothic and archaic stuff, pack your bags and hit the trail to explore and relish the architectural and natural marvel – India.

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